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Monday, October 11, 2004


Blogger is having issues with some of my photos so I'll publish them later. On to other things...

WingNut and I were seriously talking today, kicking around the idea of buying a house. Even though we don't plan to live in Oklahoma for ever and ever, it would be cheaper for us to get a mortgage on a house than to pay rent. Seriously! Sooo since he's got lots of time left until his reenlistment date and a code 50 (he can't be relocated under any circumstances, due to a special duty assignment) on his record, we aren't going anywhere. To be honest, we are tired of our neighborhood, tired of the people who come in and out next door (skanky landlords = skanky tenants) and the crime rate.

After talking for a while, we decided we are going to try to get a mortgage. We don't know if we'll be approved, especially since WingNut has a bankruptcy. We will at least try, and if we don't qualify, we're still going to move out to the country, and rent instead. This way we don't have to worry about the gangbangers in the neighborhood, make cracks about the fact the next door neighbor of the month is having the cops called on him, or hear gunshots. Yes, we hear gunshots. Usually from at least a couple blocks away, but close enough. Oh, and we live in a good neighborhood. However, the "others" that cause the problems are moving in. Time for us to move out. I hate moving. (sigh)

We were talking about the kinds of things we wanted... square footage, 2 story versus single story, land requirements, etc. We also came to another kind of agreement.

If we get a mortgage, I'm getting at least three of these. Isn't that awesome? I'm keeping this one around!


FaerieLady posted at 12:49 AM

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Can you feel me drooling over the cute little sheep?! I know how you feel about moving. I spend time in both the country and city every week. I need to be outside a little to keep my sanity! I'll be sending positive energy towards your mortgage needs:) And I have lots of garden seeds to share when you find the perfect place.

By Blogger Deb, at 1:29 PM  

YIPPY-SKIPPY!!!!! You will be closer to me. I told Bear that this would save gas, he could only think about how much I will be gone or you will be over. He is so silly. I cannot wait.

By Blogger Jenger, at 2:35 PM  

Just found your new blog - I've been watching your old one waiting for an update (I could still access it for some reason). Sheep for the backyard! That is just no fair - I want sheep so badly but can't have them inside of city limits. Buying your first home is wonderful - we've been in ours for two years now and I still love it. Much better than renting! Hope the mortage app. process goes smoothly. Good luck!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:23 PM  

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