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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Ok, I've decided something...

I hate 2x2 rib. Hate it hate it hate it. Maybe because I'm slower than normal with it. Why? Because I've never done ribbing before.

True enough. I've never done it. Why would I? I mean, I haven't done anything that *needed* ribbing. Honestly! Purses, poncho, dishcloths, etc... those don't need ribbing. I'm completely self taught (with some help here and there when I fry my brain on coursework), so it wasn't something I was going to learn until I wanted to make something that had ribbing in it.

The story... I haven't knitted since I chunked my sister's poncho-to-be across the room and heard the oh so satisfying clatter of the needles hitting the wall and then hitting the floor. I felt *so* much better, after having wasted an entire day worth of knitting time on it. So I was thinking to myself tonight that I needed to knit something.

Notice I said "needed". When did this actually become an addiction? It snuck up on me, now didn't it? Bad Kae for not seeing this coming. No biscuit for me!

But anyway, I was casting around ideas. I have a ton of projects lined up, but none that I wanted to do *right now*. D is in the middle of a small growth spurt, so I'm not going to knit her ballerina slippers until I know her feet have stopped growing. Don't laugh. She doesn't grow very often, and at the tender age of 4 is at the bottom 15th percentile in height. For goodness sakes, she wears 2-3T! 3T is actually too big. (sigh). But I thought, oh I'll wait on that. The tank top? That's summery. I want to wait until it starts to warm up, not get colder. Dishcloths? Meh. Don't want to do those right now. Mohair shawl? See poncho. Don't want to repeat that sensation within the same week.

So I decided to knit myself some mittens. My oh my. What do mittens call for? 2x2 rib, that's what! After ripping the results I IM'd Knitsteph and complained. After complaining and whining (actually, bitching) she told me it was *supposed* to look like that.

BAH HUMBUG. I ripped it out how many times before I actually asked someone what it was supposed to look like?! Oh, and the kicker? I was doing it right. (stomps foot).

So I've knit 8 rows, inching along like a slug right before it hits a huge pile of salt.

I'm going to bed now... before I smack something. Laters.

FaerieLady posted at 11:15 PM

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I'm with ya on the 2x2 rib, darlin'! I hate it too . . . though I've found that it's not nearly as evil if you can do it "continentally" -- goes much faster. But it still sucks.

By Blogger Chris, at 6:04 AM  

It's good to know that I'm not the only one that gets satisfaction of hearing the needles hit the floor/wall/fill-in-blank when I throw my knitting across the room. :-)

By Blogger Nancy, at 7:48 AM  

I hated ribbing too until I made my Hallowig. I got used to, and almost good at, ribbing. It became fun and now I think I could probably do more. Which is good since I need to start another hallowig.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:03 AM  

2x2 ribbing is much better then 1x1. I'm trying to knit an entire sweater in 1x1 ribbing for somone who would like it by Halloween if possible. Yea... so far I have 14" of a sleeve done, and I might have to tear everything out and start over if my smaller gauge makes it too small.

By Blogger rainbowjoule, at 10:48 AM  

I will need to get a copy of that pattern from you. I will make sure to bring my stuff to knit before the kids go to bed and the grown ups start to play.

By Blogger Jenger, at 9:33 AM  

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