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Thursday, October 07, 2004

One more post then I'm done

This one is a giant thank you. To Brit (idle thought... check out that Jamaica sky!), for everything. For Freecia, for the good advice. From Lisa for telling me to sit down and let the dog hair collect, and for Norma for providing me exactly the kind of comment that I needed to not feel guilty. Also, to Stinkerbell and KnitSteph for talking to me and keeping me sane. Thanks to EVERYONE that has commented on this, whether I mentioned you or not. Sorry, it's almost midnight, and I'm supposed to be asleep... so I know I've forgotten some. My sincere apologies.

I've had one person (only one) so far that has asked me why I post this medical stuff that's so obviously personal to my public blog. I admit, I kinda looked at them funny... I mean, it *is* my blog, right? Then I got to thinking about it.

I'm posting this stuff because as far as I could tell when I was looking for information prior to this all happening... nobody else has. I already know from the medical standpoint what was going to happen and why. What I had been looking for was someone who had a webpage, or a post, or a blog... whatever it was, that told of *their* experiences while going through this. I looked, and I couldn't find. Maybe I didn't do the right combination of search words, whatever... but nothing came up. Me, being the person that I am (i.e. anal) decided that if no one else was going to post it, then by all the Gods that may be out there, I was going to.

It's bad enough when you know you're sick. It's bad enough when it's even something private. However to be diagnosed with something that is generally considered to be an STD (even though there are some non-sexual cases of transmission), well that's something that people shove under the rug, something to be hidden in the closet and never discussed. It's not considered "socially acceptable" small talk.

Well guess what? We learn by example. We LEARN from either making the mistake ourselves or watching someone else to make the mistake. The point is, we have to be involved somehow. There are many of you that will never have this diagnosis, and for every 1 of you that doesn't, 2 of you WILL. That's right, 2/3rds of the female population has undiagnosed H.P.V. Most of those women will never develop any symptoms (latent carriers), and half ot those who DO have symptoms will have symptoms internally, not externally. So there's a really good chance that even if you do not think that you have the disease, someone close to you will have it. It's nice to know what to expect from this series of procedures used to treat the disease, isn't it?

For every single solitary person that gets any bit of help, any bit of comfort, any bit of workable knowledge from these entries, I feel better. Only takes one person. This is a disease, not an embarassment. People need to stop being embarassed by it. There's no reason.


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