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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

See? I *Can* Be Taught!

Ok, ok I admit that I stared at the dpns for about twenty minutes after casting on the first time. I also admit that I had to rip and restart a couple times, because I kept dropping stitches on the k1p1 rib. *However* here's my first ever project, from start to finish, done on dpns.

The First Mitt

I have to admit that I couldn't get comfie holding the dpns. It was like a run in with a porcupine! Hopefully each successive project will get easier, and my grip will settle down. Otherwise, I might not be making many things on dpns.

Have to have my baby girl's picture on here every now and then...

This is D after getting ready for school this morning. Look at that hair! She sure has a lot of it. Good thing she's not tender headed, otherwise every time I brushed it she would be balling her eyes out. Oh, and she's taken to wanting her hair in braids at night. Maybe she snorted it in her sleep one too many times...

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