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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Finally... I can access blogger!

I couldn't even post with w.bloggar, nor from blogspot. Nothing would load... w.bloggar would give me some tripe about "connection timed out" and it was because it couldn't link up to blogger, who was having technical issues. Blech on both of them :-)

I took my psychology exam. I'm not nervous about the results, not nearly as much as last time. The reason being is because with a lot of the information the answer was glaringly obvious, and the ones that weren't well it was easier to figure out the gist of the question. I still say my psych. professor is a sadist.

Over the next two days I have to finish the revisions for my process essay (English Comp) and the study guide for Ancient and Medieval Civilizations. After Monday (that's the Anc & Med exam) I get to finish studying for American Federal Govt. test that I have to take sometime this week at the college in the learning resource center. Can't you just *hear* the excitement in my voice??

Thank goodness that I get a 4 hour break today... I'm taking my mom to the craft stores today. Mom doesn't drive (she can, but she hates it... so she doesn't have a drivers' license, just a permit and state i.d. card) so when she wants to go to the craft stores, either she asks me or the Sister That Shall Not Be Named. When I take her, I leave D with WingNut (which they'll probably lay on the couch and watch a movie) and just go shopping. Whether or not I spend any money has nothing to do with it... it is all about the time away in a shop that I don't have to worry about D's behavior and whether or not she's having a good day (because I will not inflict a screaming child on a store full of people, that's just too rude).

Well I have to get ready to go, so I'll yap more later...

FaerieLady posted at 6:58 AM

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I told you that it wouldn't be so bad, the psych test that is. I'm sure that you did well :) Have fun with your mom today. Oh and I would love to see a pic of your grandmother! My uncle's family is taino :) We have way too much in common :)



By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:21 AM  

I notice you have a link for Wooly Knob processing. I sent the wool in early August and still don't have it. Are they or processors in general this slow and I'm not aware of it, or......

By Blogger Literary Lady, at 2:51 PM  

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