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Sunday, November 21, 2004

I've been busy, but I don't have the photos to post right now. To be honest, I just haven't felt like getting up off my butt and showing the pictures.

The scarf for Amanda is blocked and fringed. The poncho for Cyndi is blocked, need to get another skein of the eyelash yarn to fringe. After all the freakin' trouble this thing caused me (the headaches, the emergency steek of the neck because I knit the neck too tight and the yarn can't be frogged, the pull-my-hair out agony of it... ) I don't think she's going to wear it very regularly because of the necessary neck steek. So I'm going to whip up a fast scarf for her to wear. Yeah, Kae can be fast when it's necessary, and I think this is necessary.

Next on the list in order of "when it has to be done"...

1. Scarf for Cyndi (pattern decided, yarn to be cast on tonight)
2. Two hats, one for Alex and one for Robby (nephews)
3. Two kerchiefs, one for my MIL (WingNut's stepmom) and one for his oldest stepsister

Why is it that the projects for me always end up on the back burner? I'm getting damned sick and tired of putting off my socks... but I know that if I don't do the other projects, people will feel left out. I hate it when people feel left out. Damnit, I'm going to basically have to tell people to shove off and work on something for me. (sigh)

I'm probably going to be very scarce for the next week, as I'm sure a lot of other people are going to be. I have Jenger's Thanksgiving on Thursday, my own Thanksgiving on Friday, and my parents' Thanksgiving on Saturday. Gods, I'm going to be sick and tired of turkey.

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*hugs* Kae, I am sure your socks miss mom (you) too, you both will be reunited soon I hope! Wishing you a happy thanks giving!! We do not celebrate it here but will not stop me on wishing you a happy day and I am thankful to knit along with you and everyone! :)

By Blogger Sock Kitten, at 11:14 PM  

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