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Monday, November 01, 2004

Mental Notes to Self...

When you tell your significant other that you will make them something, that means you actually *have* to make them something. In my case, it is a crocheted afghan for our bed. It will measure 110x100 when finished. I already know I'm crazy, but to Hel with it. That's what he wanted, that's what he's going to get.

When you know that you aren't going to be able to just work on this one project (because it's 1. too repetitive and 2. a long ass afghan) you need a second project. But, said second project can NOT overpower the need to work on the first project. So make said second project a fast little novelty scarf.

However, when you get frustrated that you can't find the proper width for the novelty scarf the first time, it is ok to frog and re-cast until you get the right size.

Even though you've cast on and knit the first three repeats at least 4 times, you *aren't* going to get a width that looks right. Frog each time. Repeat.

In frustration, wind up the other yarns. Pick a single yarn and size 15 needles, cast on 15 and start the drop stitch scarf pattern. The first three repeats are done, and it looks like this. Yes, the first row has a longer drop stitch. The last row will too, to give it a bit of symmetry.

However, remember with much irritation that you just can't keep going on the novelty scarf. Set said scarf down, pick up afghan, start timer. When it goes off, put down afghan and resume scarf attention. Repeat.

Line up another project for when the scarf is done. Just in case, ya know.

Call the psychiatric hospital. Make sure they have a room available for when you crack. Which will happen in a relatively short amount of time.

Until this afghan is done, my knitting time will be ruled with a timer. How else am I going to keep this from being a WIP that languishes on the back of the couch?

FaerieLady posted at 5:58 AM

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Isn't it weird Kae that we always seem to be on the same wavelength? I am dreading working on an afghan for my grandmother. I don't want to crochet right now! :( I really like that yarn that you are using for your scarf, though! :) Take care. Hugs!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:04 PM  

All I can say is that WingNut will need to understand that there is no way in Hel you will be able to work on it until the weather cools off a lot more. Use the one I started for Bear back in February. Granted, it is almost done, but I have yet to pick up if the temp inside the house is above 72. With the crazy summer/fall, who knows when it will be cool enough for you to work on it. Good luck on it.

By Blogger Jenger, at 5:42 PM  

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