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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A Stupid Thing To Do...

I stayed up until waaayyy past 1 am, drinking coffee and surfing. I shouldn't have. Rule number one when you have an ulcer... don't stress. Stress only causes acid, which is turn causes the person to either burp or puke said acid. Considering the fact that if you hear me burp you'd better hand me a trash can (I only burp right before I puke), this isn't the best scenario. The second no no is to drink coffee *while* stressing. That just makes the issue worse. Soooo... I went to bed, slept a few hours, took D to school, and have been taking it easy.

I was talking to Stinkerbell over MSN messenger and I told her I was going to lay down for an hour. I even set the timer! However, WingNut woke me up when he got up (2 1/2 hours later!) asking me if I was alright. Apparently I looked sick even while asleep. Bad Kae, no biscuit! Actually, hand that biscuit over. It's bread, it helps with the acid. D was a perfect angel too... I told her to play in her room, and she did so without complaint, and didn't even care that Momma was asleep. I hate sleeping when she's awake, it makes me feel like a bad Momma.

Other than that, I'm just trying to sell off a little of the roving that I dyed and had processed by Wooly Knob. I also got a $5 off gift certificate from eBay via Paypal (they're sent out randomly, guess my number was up!) but I can't decide what to buy because I just had to buy a new fridge. It's very hard for me to spend money after shelling out hundreds of dollars on a fridge.

Time to go pry D out of the bathtub... that child would stay in there until she looked like a raisin with blue lips.

FaerieLady posted at 4:54 PM

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Hope you get to feeling better! I know what you mean about sleeping while they are awake...but sometimes you just have to. You're not a bad mommy! (If you are, so am there!)

I'd love some of your roving - it looks yummy! - but I am on a wool diet. I thought *I* had a fiber addiction....try keeping me and 2 kids in yarn! Especially when Ian is a weaving fool! *g*


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