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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Today's Travels

Ahhhh the lovely joys of today 

I’m in a much better mood, having spent time with my mom (a wonderful woman who I get along with very well) visiting thrift shops and yarn shops. I showed her what I was looking for in the way of recyclable sweaters. Then we visited Linen Sisters, another yarn shop/crafty place that I found out about that’s very close to my mom’s favorite quilt shop (Oklahoma Quiltworks). After perusing their Noro Silk Garden, I chose two skeins in # 37.

What in the heck do I do with 2 skeins? I’m thinking maybe the multidirectional scarf pattern. I going to try it. We shall see. I want to get two more skeins and make the Silk Garden Spiral hat, but that’s not in the cards for a while. As it was, WingNut basically squeezed the money out of the budget for the two skeins that I bought! Bad Kae… no biscuit ;-)

Well enough for now… I have a raging headache from eyestrain and worrying about my English essay, which I figured out today isn’t due tomorrow, it’s due NEXT Sunday! (bounces head off keyboard). All that good worrying, for nothing. (sigh)

P.S. for Literary Lady's question that was in my blog comments... Wooly Knob and other fiber mills usually have a 2-3 month waiting list for processing. Go ahead and email Jamie & Matt, usually they can tell you where you are in processing. They called and left a message on my machine when mine was ready, and I talked to Jamie on the phone for two hours (over the course of two days!)... they are awesome people. Oh, and the roving is well worth the wait!

to Rise... I'm sorry, I can't figure out how to put the little double dots (my memory fails me on what it's called) over your e... but no, I'm not Nordic and neither is my name. My grandfather however is Scottish and Lux, so we have those types of name. Thanks for asking... I love the Norse culture, maybe that's why I'm more Heathen than Pagan. However, I'm not officially either, I'm just Kae. *hugs*

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The pattern I have for a Silk Garden Spiral says it takes only 2 scared me for a minute, because I only have 2 also!

Well done on the exam!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:59 AM  

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