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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Awww & WEBS

Here's a picture of Verna and I when we met up at the border stop at the OK/TX border. That's not the car we loaded it into, believe me the loom is *way* too big for that. The truck we put it into is to the left of her, and isn't in the picture.

I'm going to spend the next couple days knitting and getting everything ready to fly out on Wednesday, so don't be surprised if I don't say much :-)

Oh, for those that want to know... I'm going to be at WEBS on Monday, December 27th at 1 p.m. with bells on. Well, probably not with *bells* on, but close!

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Friday, December 17, 2004

The Start of the Weekend...

I'm due to leave in about an hour to take D to Nana and Papa's for the night and tomorrow. Don't cheer the freedom :-) Instead cheer me for the *real* reason we're doing this... LoL

After I drop off D at my parents house (and pick up tiedowns and a tarp), we're going to Woodward OK to pick up a loom for Verna. The good thing is that it will be broken down, therefore it will be able to fit (hopefully) in our Chevy S-10 pickup truck (it has a normal bed, not a short bed, like most of those chevys do, which I find remarkably stupid). WingNut and the seller's husband will dismantle and manhandle the loom (gently!) into the bed of the pickup, tie it down and cover it with a tarp. Then we drive home. Of course, the truck is going in our monster 4 car garage that we don't use. Believe me... that's a Swedish Glimakra 4 H 72in countermarche loom. It's going in the garage overnight. Period.

Tomorrow morning, we'll leave here at about 10 am in order to meet Verna at the border of Tx/OK on I-35 southbound. We should be there around noonish. I'll bring my camera :-)


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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Goth Mama
You're a witchy woman! Chances are that you see
Morticia Addams as a role model, and your
wardrobe sports a fair amount of black. The
other mothers at school pick up may look
askance, but your kids already know that the
judgement of others isn't what counts.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

My absolutely fantabulous day!

Lisa, Mike, Jack, and Della of BlogDogBlog sent me the most gorgeous, absolutely breathtaking yarn today! Two, count ‘em TWO skeins of Schaefer Yarns “Anne”, in color # 8 and 28! I can’t tell you enough how wonderful this stuff feels, all soft and squooshy and just absolutely gorgeous! When I first opened the package, I was only mildly curious, because I didn’t order anything and I didn’t know who it was from… and when the skeins fell out of the bag with a note from Lisa, I was completely overwhelmed! I actually started to cry. I did make sure that WingNut didn’t take a photo of that, I am so *not* cute when I cry. However, you can see from the picture that the colors of the yarn are my FAVES… *Smooches and Huggles* to Lisa, Mike, Jack, and Della!

From Nancy at BirdKnits came this wonderful solid lotion bar… I wish I could take a picture up close so you could see it better! It’s got celtic knotwork with *glitter*! Woot! Abso-friggin-lutely outstanding! I want to use it, but I don’t want to mess up the design! She also sent stitch markers (and we all know that I am a stitch marker whore, I love those little beggars) which say “Made with Love” on them with a heart on the opposite side :-) Thank you sooooo much Nancy, I love them!

Ok, I've already been to bed once tonight, and I'm going back that way :-) All I have left is the nasty sinus congestion, and it's affecting my ability to think coherantly. If you notice anything is misspelled, ignore it :-)


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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

This is what any parent can or will find themselves doing when their child feels bad about an ear infection (or in D's case, a double ear infection, just one ear is worse than the other). I am so glad that at 4 years old she's a very petite 30 lbs!

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Poor Zeus!

Let us all take a minute to laugh hysterically at poor Zeus... who has to suffer the indignity of not only the Elizabethian Collar, but the fact that said collar is *hot pink*. I'm so glad he's color blind, so he can't tell that the big macho dog is wearing a bright pink collar!

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Welcome to Chez Pfohl... don't forget to wear your masks!

Right now there are two sick people in the house, and those would be myself and D. D's is more serious (at least to my eyes!), an ear infection and an up-down wonky temperature to go with it. Antibiotics *don't* really help ear infections... they only sterilize the fluid behind the ear. Your ear still has to drain the fluid. Hence the back to back ear infections people have experienced with their children... the sterilized fluid didn't drain, and something got in there and re-infected the fluid.

Right now D is taking decongestants and antihistimines and a drop in each each every 3-4 hours with numbs the ear canal/ear drum, which causes the pain to stop. This means that she feels *tons* better, thank ye very much! She has a follow up appointment in about 1 1/2 hours, which means I've really got to get up and get ready.

Me? Typical end of the semester letdown. KnitSteph reminded me of it... studying, working, anxiety, etc etc... then take the tests and the balloon bursts because you're done. Grades or not, the finals are taken and there's nothing more to worry about, either you did it or you didn't. Since taking my last big final yesterday, I've had a temperature, lightheadedness, and severe drainage. The drainage I'm used to... winter is my allergy season in Oklahoma. However, it's roughing up the back of my throat and causing my face and teeth to hurt, so I'm just takin' it easy.

Oh, by the way... ending grades have been computed in 3 out of 4 of my classes. I have A's in Psychology, Government, and Ancient & Medieval Civilizations. Still waiting on my English professor to grade the final essay so I know what I made in that class. With 150 outstanding points left, that essay (which is worth that 150 points) could literally change my letter grade. (crosses fingers that the essay does alright)

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Just taking a quick moment to say thanks.

Thank you to everyone who posted yesterday about my rant... every one of you has good points and now that I'm not so upset about it, I can remember the good things that overwhelm the bad things. I think I'm going to take Freecia's advice and let them rot... after I take up Norma on her offer of buying me a drink!

Margene's right... I did my part. I know that I did what I needed to do, and that's all I really wanted to do in the first place. I'm not going to get sidetracked by the people who would complain if they were hung with a new rope! I have more important things to do, such as my finals, FiberRAOK, & my vacation at the end of the month.

So, anyone in Massachusetts or the surrounding states that wants or is able to meet me at WEBS on December 27th? :-)


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This is what I've been working on between study guides and my final essay. This is my Irish Hiking Scarf. The knitalong link is on my sidebar.

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Here's Emrys, who apparently thinks she's an 80 pound cat. That's the back of my sofa, not the cushions. The *back*. WingNut isn't holding her up there, he's scratching her chest so she'll calm down. She gets up there every night and "hangs" over me while I knit before bed. Quite weird. Who needs a cat? I have a German Shepherd who can do everything except knead and purr... and she doesn't have to purr, she "talks" to me. All GSDs talk.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The fuse has been lit... SP3 Rant

If you don't want to read this, then don't. I don't have really anything nice to say, because this has gone on too long and I'm very tired of it. People in the exchange have done the one thing that I hate so much I will usually go out of the way to avoid it... they've lit my fuse. This is what I have to say about it. The next post will be about what I'm doing lately. It might take a few days to be posted.


Ok… I’ve put up with being yelled at, snarked at, bitched at, have had the nastiest emails chucked in my general direction, and been shit on. You want to know what pisses me off the most? Seriously? The fact that I *volunteered* for this shit.

The depth of human depravity, greed, and pure lust shouldn’t surprise me. I’ve seen some very horrible things, actions committed against family members when the person had a diagnosed terminal illness with no surgical or chemical “appeals” left to be granted. I’ve seen family members steal their homes, spend all their money, sell their cars, and even give away their precious animals. I *know* exactly how cruel and disgustingly greedy human beings can be. To be honest, I prefer my dogs to the vast majority of the human populace, because my dogs exhibit more honest feelings that said than many human beings.

I’m sure at least a couple people are confused, wondering where in the hell this rant is going, and what in the hell sparked it. Well, ladies and gents, I have well over 100 reasons to be pissed off, and the vast majority of them are active knit bloggers with nothing better to do then piss and moan about how they spent more money and didn’t receive the same in return (oh, and I can’t control what other people buy) or that it’s *MY* fault they got a pal that they didn’t like, or how I am this super-human control freak with nothing better to do than shit on their parade. Well fuck them. On second thought, no don’t. I don’t know for a fact that their kind of shit isn’t transmittable.

There were people who sent me nice emails, concerned emails. Those people were few and far between, and their emails were cherished as the diamonds hidden in the piles and heaps of pure unadulterated shit. Only to those people do I have nice things to say, because those people treated me as a human being capable of feelings, of thoughts and emotions. Thank you to those people. You know who you are.

I did the best that I could with the resources that I had available. Do you know who decides whether or not to make this a good experience (or a learning experience)? You do. The blame rests on you, my friends… not on me. If you choose to like your pal, then great! This gives you the opportunity to attempt to make a friend. If that person rebuffs your advances, your attempts at friendship… write it off. My Gods, people… this is the REAL world of the INTERNET. There is no way to tell *for an absolute fact* if a person is a flake, a bitch, or a total gem simply by passing emails back and forth! Many people form opinions that are close to the mark, yes. However, just as many people meet in real life and decide that email correspondence is the best thing possible because X does something that Y doesn’t like. That’s called Life, my friends.

I gave many chances to contact me about wayward pals. Those that chose to contact me received a timely response (usually in less than 24 hours) from me detailing to them what I wanted to know from them, and I immediately emailed their pals. If I didn’t receive a response within SEVEN DAYS (excluding weekends), or if they’ve had numerous problems with their pals, then I assigned them an angel. There were eight, count them EIGHT angel assignments. That’s ALL. There are a couple people who said they received angels, but I can tell you RIGHT NOW that their angels were NOT from me, instead they are sweet people who decided to send gifts to their friends.

C’mon people… Can we please stop the nastiness? I’m getting sick and tired of seeing it being passed around on a plate for everyone to partake of. If you don’t like the secret pal exchange, don’t take part. Let’s just *move on*.

The Secret Pals 3 exchange is over. The spreadsheets are being deleted. The blacklist will be forwarded to the next host, so she knows who to watch out for. Period. After this is posted, I will answer no more questions, and I will not respond to any more emails. There were three months to ask questions and receive answers. I’m tired, my friends… tired of the meanness, tired of the nasty slurs, tired of the blog posts and the snarks and the whiny bitching. I don’t have the patience to deal with this any longer. I’m surprised I held out this long before my fuse was finally lit.

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Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Promised Uodate... well half of it anyway!

Ok… where to start?

The knitting front… all projects are currently on hold until my hat/scarf/mitten set is completed. I realized that D has this stuff and WingNut has this stuff, but I do *not* have this stuff, and we are going to Massachusetts and Chicago (December 22-30th). I have no intention of completely freezing off all of my extremities. I highly doubt I will get socks done in this amount of time, but I’m going to make an attempt. The hat part of the hat/scarf/mitten combo is done, and a picture of it here:

Bad picture... but it's done!

I will make the Irish Hiking Scarf, since the cables match the cables on that hat. That is the basic cabled hat in Stitch and Bitch Nation by the way, with one extra set of pattern rows, and made out of Lion Brand Microspun (Mom found it for $1/skein at Hancocks, and I like the yarn & color, so that’s what I used). I used a double strand of the microspun to add weight and stability to the hat.

I want to make the mittenettes with the same cable pattern (it’s a 12 stitch pattern), but I haven’t figured out how to place them in the mitten to center them across the top of the hand. If someone has already figured this out, can you clue me in? I’m having problems thinking about it right now. Any suggestions welcome!

The beautiful yellow dog was taken to a no kill shelter the other day. We would have kept him, had he not knocked me clean off the porch (while I was holding three bags of groceries) in his effort to “roam” on Tuesday. He was gorgeous, but he was determined that he was going to be able to go out the front door whenever he wanted and come back whenever he was hungry. I can’t deal with that, especially since the next time I opened the front door and he knocks me off the porch, it could result serious damage. I was lucky to come out of the first encounter with just some interesting bruises and scrapes. Moral of the story… there is actually a size dog that is too big for me. However, I think it was because he was full grown, and therefore a lot of his ways were “set”.

On the home front… I’m taking three of my four finals this coming week (Friday the 10th), with a 5 page essay due and the fourth final due on the following Monday. I’m not talking much right now (and that includes blogging) because I am trying to get everything that I need to get done *done* in time for the exams. The pressure is on, but only for another 10 days max! Woot! Thank the Gods for that!

WingNut has his math final this Wednesday the 8th, and his Mythology final on the 14th, then he’s done with his classes. We’ll actually have FAMILY time again! Whaddya know??

D is part of Oklahoma P.R.I.D.E., which is supposedly a literacy based program that visit and fund pre-K programs across the OKC metro area. However, I ended up filing a complaint against them for a book that they distributed to the 4 year olds, a book of nursery rhymes. There was a problem with this book… actually a couple of them. One of the nursery rhymes said “If I soil my dress, My Mother will beat me”, and one nursery rhyme advocates gender discrimination, stating that the “burned tortillas go to momma, and the good ones to papa”. The second one, I might be able to overlook. The first, with the statement of “my mother will beat me”, caused me to turn red in the face. I almost lost my temper, but instead I called Jenger and ranted for a few minutes, and filed the complaint the next morning. I also brought the book to the attention of the school principal, who was beyond horrified. Apparently she never looked at the book, trusting the recommendation of the P.R.I.D.E. people. She also filed a complaint, to cover the school’s ass in all this mess.

This isn’t all that has happened in the past week… but it’s all I have time for right now. It’s after 2 am, and I really need to get some sleep. I’ll yak more another time. I might actually be able to keep going after I wake up. That is, if I haven’t bored you guys to death as it is!


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I promise a long update either later tonight or tomorrow, but for now... my first cabled anything. Shhhhh, don't scare it! It's kinda folded up on itself right now.

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