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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Here's Emrys, who apparently thinks she's an 80 pound cat. That's the back of my sofa, not the cushions. The *back*. WingNut isn't holding her up there, he's scratching her chest so she'll calm down. She gets up there every night and "hangs" over me while I knit before bed. Quite weird. Who needs a cat? I have a German Shepherd who can do everything except knead and purr... and she doesn't have to purr, she "talks" to me. All GSDs talk.

FaerieLady posted at 8:29 AM

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I have to laugh at that pic of Emrys....the Zoey-monster does that, too. Only the couch isn't *quite* big enough for her to perch, so she invariably ends up falling on the floor. And it's my fault, of course. *g*

I need to get some new pics of her...she's discovered the joys of the futon. And tangerines. (Did you know that if you stick your canines in *just*right*, you can suck all the juice out of a tangerine without disturbing the skin very much? Until the human picks it up and it goes splat.)


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