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Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Promised Uodate... well half of it anyway!

Ok… where to start?

The knitting front… all projects are currently on hold until my hat/scarf/mitten set is completed. I realized that D has this stuff and WingNut has this stuff, but I do *not* have this stuff, and we are going to Massachusetts and Chicago (December 22-30th). I have no intention of completely freezing off all of my extremities. I highly doubt I will get socks done in this amount of time, but I’m going to make an attempt. The hat part of the hat/scarf/mitten combo is done, and a picture of it here:

Bad picture... but it's done!

I will make the Irish Hiking Scarf, since the cables match the cables on that hat. That is the basic cabled hat in Stitch and Bitch Nation by the way, with one extra set of pattern rows, and made out of Lion Brand Microspun (Mom found it for $1/skein at Hancocks, and I like the yarn & color, so that’s what I used). I used a double strand of the microspun to add weight and stability to the hat.

I want to make the mittenettes with the same cable pattern (it’s a 12 stitch pattern), but I haven’t figured out how to place them in the mitten to center them across the top of the hand. If someone has already figured this out, can you clue me in? I’m having problems thinking about it right now. Any suggestions welcome!

The beautiful yellow dog was taken to a no kill shelter the other day. We would have kept him, had he not knocked me clean off the porch (while I was holding three bags of groceries) in his effort to “roam” on Tuesday. He was gorgeous, but he was determined that he was going to be able to go out the front door whenever he wanted and come back whenever he was hungry. I can’t deal with that, especially since the next time I opened the front door and he knocks me off the porch, it could result serious damage. I was lucky to come out of the first encounter with just some interesting bruises and scrapes. Moral of the story… there is actually a size dog that is too big for me. However, I think it was because he was full grown, and therefore a lot of his ways were “set”.

On the home front… I’m taking three of my four finals this coming week (Friday the 10th), with a 5 page essay due and the fourth final due on the following Monday. I’m not talking much right now (and that includes blogging) because I am trying to get everything that I need to get done *done* in time for the exams. The pressure is on, but only for another 10 days max! Woot! Thank the Gods for that!

WingNut has his math final this Wednesday the 8th, and his Mythology final on the 14th, then he’s done with his classes. We’ll actually have FAMILY time again! Whaddya know??

D is part of Oklahoma P.R.I.D.E., which is supposedly a literacy based program that visit and fund pre-K programs across the OKC metro area. However, I ended up filing a complaint against them for a book that they distributed to the 4 year olds, a book of nursery rhymes. There was a problem with this book… actually a couple of them. One of the nursery rhymes said “If I soil my dress, My Mother will beat me”, and one nursery rhyme advocates gender discrimination, stating that the “burned tortillas go to momma, and the good ones to papa”. The second one, I might be able to overlook. The first, with the statement of “my mother will beat me”, caused me to turn red in the face. I almost lost my temper, but instead I called Jenger and ranted for a few minutes, and filed the complaint the next morning. I also brought the book to the attention of the school principal, who was beyond horrified. Apparently she never looked at the book, trusting the recommendation of the P.R.I.D.E. people. She also filed a complaint, to cover the school’s ass in all this mess.

This isn’t all that has happened in the past week… but it’s all I have time for right now. It’s after 2 am, and I really need to get some sleep. I’ll yak more another time. I might actually be able to keep going after I wake up. That is, if I haven’t bored you guys to death as it is!


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