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Friday, December 17, 2004

The Start of the Weekend...

I'm due to leave in about an hour to take D to Nana and Papa's for the night and tomorrow. Don't cheer the freedom :-) Instead cheer me for the *real* reason we're doing this... LoL

After I drop off D at my parents house (and pick up tiedowns and a tarp), we're going to Woodward OK to pick up a loom for Verna. The good thing is that it will be broken down, therefore it will be able to fit (hopefully) in our Chevy S-10 pickup truck (it has a normal bed, not a short bed, like most of those chevys do, which I find remarkably stupid). WingNut and the seller's husband will dismantle and manhandle the loom (gently!) into the bed of the pickup, tie it down and cover it with a tarp. Then we drive home. Of course, the truck is going in our monster 4 car garage that we don't use. Believe me... that's a Swedish Glimakra 4 H 72in countermarche loom. It's going in the garage overnight. Period.

Tomorrow morning, we'll leave here at about 10 am in order to meet Verna at the border of Tx/OK on I-35 southbound. We should be there around noonish. I'll bring my camera :-)


FaerieLady posted at 3:23 PM

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Congrats... Sounds wonderful!!!

Take Care, talk with ya laters
Amyra, Micheal and Pi

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:28 PM  

Who in the world was selling a loom in Woodward, Oklahoma? Me being a native Woodward-ite and all...


By Blogger The Rocket Scientist, at 7:33 AM  

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