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Monday, January 31, 2005

Picture Heavy Post

This is the yarn that I picked out for Butterfly… a solid deep blue. I’m not one for stripes.

This is the yarn I picked out for Eloise… again, no self striping yarn here, and I think it’ll look good on me.

This yarn is for a Hermione bobble hat and mittens set… I just couldn’t resist.

Three new sets of sock yarn… aren’t they pretty?

Finally a picture of the RAOK from Danielle at Poetic Purl… it’s Opal Mosiac, the purple colorway. This is a true purple, not dusky like the picture. The needles are U.S. size 3 casein needles. She’s such a sweety…

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Friday, January 28, 2005

3 Things Post

Gimme Three by 24 Knits:

*List 3 of the best gifts you've ever received – I have to do four:

1. A set of Denise needles from WingNut… he truly knows me.
2. Free self defense training from Chief
3. Ballwinder from Deb and a swift from Verna… without those, I’d be lost.

*3 Celebrities the world could do without

1. George Bush (my personal opinion; I wouldn’t off him, I’d just hide him from the general public and not give him any power over anyone)
2. Brittney Spears
3. Ben Affleck (Dogma was the exception, NOT the rule… he sucks horribly as an actor)

*List 3 people of the SAME sex that are so hot, you'd "cross over" for, or at least consider "crossing over" for --- There are four of these too:

1. Angelina Jolie (Tombraider, she’s just hot)
2. Halle Berry
3. Jenger (awww isn’t that sweet honey? You know you’re beautiful, but we’re both straight so neither of us would be uncomfortable with this)
4. Sarah from Slick’s… the sweetest waitress of all my times playing pool… she used to kiss me on the head every time I came in, and give me a drink on the house. She kissed me on the head (or forehead) because she was almost a foot taller than me, and usually carrying beer buckets or drink trays.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Repost, Nerd Quiz

I changed one answer, and wow did my score change. I was pretty sure I answered it wrong on the first try, and my curiosity finally got the better of me. I guess I'm nerdier than I thought. Maybe I shouldn't have retaken it. Bad me, no biscuit!

I am nerdier than 98% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Quick Post, well I hope so anyway

It's not that I don't love you guys, but I haven't been here to post. I haven't been answering my email either, but the reason is really simple. Well, reasons.

WingNut's birthday was Sunday, there went that day (don't mind that). This week I'm serving jury duty at the county courthouse here in OKC. Today I was successfully booted from a jury pool for a capital punishment case (i.e. one of the punishments possible was death) because I told the judge and the ADA that while I would and could impose the death penalty if I believed it justified, I don't have a babysitter for D while I am in court past Friday. This case is expected to last next week and possibly the week after (it IS a capital punishment case) but I only have a sitter until the end of the week, and they can't actually *make* you take a case past the date on your subpoena. They try to sound like they can, but they will excuse for cause if it causes undue hardship. The ADA had no problem with the judge excusing me because I told her that I was not Christian, so the idea of death as a punishment and judgement from a "church" didn't bother me. It wasn't that she didn't want me to go up there, it was more like she didn't like my religious preferences and would take one of the other "good moral Christians" who are "strong in their faith". Pure bullshit in my opinion, but bigots will be bigots unless something happens that is traumatic enough to change their opinions.

I haven't shown pictures of the RAOKs that I received from Danielle or Ilanna, and I'm sorry. I will soon, I promise. I also am working on a Super Secret Project (not a gift, but I'm afraid that if I mention it, I will jinx it and if I have to frog it I might just go apeshit). I'll show a picture of that when it's done.

I also received a RAOK yesterday that really made me feel better after 8 hours of listening to the judge drone on and one and the ADA talk so much and with so much repetitiveness that I started to fall asleep. Seriously. My head almost hit the bench in front of me. However, the RAOK is just too lovely... Lori sent me a wonderful magnetic list pad, cool stitchmarkers, and the most beautiful card. Thank you so much Lori! Oh, and don't worry with a little practice I'm sure you could get my nerd score ;-) No need to be jealous... LoL

Ok, gotta go, up too late as it is and I have to be back at court at 8 am...

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Timing is everything & random commentary

Timing is everything, isn’t it?

Well, at least I *thought* it was… you know, like the timing of saying “hey hon, by the way one of my students needs help with his taxes so he’ll be coming over in the morning after work and I’m going to help him”.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind at all. He needs help with his taxes? Bring him over… we have the computers (three of them, and they all work and are all networked), we have cable modem, we have the programs, and we already filed our taxes this year. No big deal.


My house is a *pit*. For me, this is absolute shambles. Now those that know me are probably snorting back laughter by now, because they know my definition of a dirty house. Mind you, I don’t *care* what your house looks like. That’s up to you, and I’ll be happy there no matter what the surroundings (although if you have mold, I will be on allergy medication and probably wheezing). I don’t make comments about other peoples’ houses unless they are unsafe enough that I don’t feel comfortable bringing my child. There are only two people I know who have houses like that, and they are beyond gross. Let us not go into that though… that’s not what you want to read, now is it?

So here I am at midnight cleaning my house. Thank the Gods and Goddesses that D sleeps through everything, because in a few minutes I’m going to be running the vacuum cleaner. The bathroom is clean, the futon is cleared most of the way off (it’s the storage space for the blankets people use to cuddle under should it get cold… throw blankets, that’s what they’re called), the floor in the computer room is picked up, the table in the kitchen is cleared, the coffee table is cleared, the dishes are soaking before I wash them (yes, I wash the dishes before they go in the dishwasher), the timer on the coffee is set and the countertops have been cleaned. That leaves vacuuming and taking out the trash. I don’t dust, that’s WingNut’s job.

Oh, and they can forget about me cleaning my desk. I do that once a month, max, and dammit it’s the only place I feel comfortable being a slob. For most anal retentive Capricorns, the “slob zone” is a closet. I can’t stand a dirty closet, but my desk is my “zone”. I deal with it quite nicely, thank you very much, and everyone else can too.

Oh, the green and black cashmerino mittenettes are done. All I need is an address of the person they go to and they will be off, winging their way across the United States. Sorry guys, not a RAOK… it’s a trade with a friend that I’m overdue on paying up.

Still haven’t swatched Eloise… but I did cast on for a bigger felted bag out of purple Cascade 220 Quattro that’s been ripening in my stash. The bottom is done, and I’m building up the sides. I might order some beaded handles for this one a la Norma, but I haven’t decided yet. I like my Booga Bag, but it’s just not thick enough/sturdy enough for me. I need something firmer. I’m knitting this bag on 10 1/2s with a double strand of Quattro. I might need another skein (split into two balls and knit double stranded).

Thanks for all the comments on the sleeves… I did the math and Mariah will have long enough sleeves. I must have miscalculated the first time (yes, even nerds make math mistakes!). I will have to lengthen Eloise, but Butterfly and Rogue won’t be a problem. I’d rather fold a sleeve up because it’s too long than to not wear what I made because I can’t stand the short sleeve!

Arielle, I would be interested in reading your blog if you have one, but I didn’t have an email address to respond too and your blogger profile is private.

Danielle, honey I’ve always been a nerd. You should see my school pictures. Scary, I tell ya! Believe me, I saw the book on your blog, you’ll be a nerd in no time flat! Just carry that thing to an café where there’s net access and coffee, and they’ll flock to you!

Oh guys, it was Caroline at FiberTribe who sent the wonderful Rowan Babies book! Thanks again Caroline… I think I found D the perfect sweater in there… and I think I already have the yarn too!

Considering the size of this post, I’ve decided to take and post pictures tomorrow of the completed cashmerino mittenettes, the start of the purple bag, and I might even post a picture of a new project that I’m thinking about starting. Shush… don’t tell anyone that I might be breaking my "one-project-at-a-time" rule… I don’t want to screw up and not finish my purple bag because I get carried away on the new project!


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Monday, January 17, 2005

Where do your sleeves stop?

So, where do your sleeves stop?

Yeah I know what kind of question is that? Well, here’s the deal:

I went through sweater patterns and all that crap yesterday. I’m doing some serious stash enhancement (birthday money, Christmas/Yule money, and in two weeks our tax refund will be deposited). I’m doing my stash enhancement now, since during the majority of the year I can’t afford or justify the purchase of new yarn since we are on a fairly tight, strict budget. I’m currently a stay at home mom/college student, and money can be stretched in tons of ways, one of which is the institution of a pretty strict yarn buying schedule.

Ok, enough of that. Back to the subject at hand.

While perusing the selection of free and for sale patterns for this sweater and that sweater, I chose patterns and designs that I really *want* to knit. For me, the desire has to be present in order to knit because I am a slow knitter. If the desire isn’t there, I’ll get about ¼ of the way through it and frog it back to the beginning.

I stashed for Mariah (Peruvian highland wool), I stashed for Eloise (Peruvian highland wool), and for BPT (wool-ease). I want to stash for at least two more sweaters (probably Rogue & Butterfly), a stole, and a hat (coronet)/scarf (Irish hiking scarf)/ mittenettes combo. My sock knitting experiment I have more than enough yarn for, I have yarn for lace experiments, and I have a few miscellaneous balls of stuff here and there for little projects. Before anyone chokes on the amount of yarn that I’m buying (although most of the knit bloggers that I know spend quite a bit more on a regular basis than I am spending all at once), I buy only on sale. I also use Peruvian highland wool, Patons, and Cascade (when I can find it on sale). I don’t buy high end yarns (usually) because I can’t justify a $100+ for a sweater. Sorry guys… I just can’t do it. Maybe if I had more disposable income I could, but with the budget that ain’t happenin’ anytime soon!

While I was checking out sweater patterns, I checked Wendy Knits in her free patterns section, and realized that all her sweaters end at the wrist bone. Concerned, I checked Eloise and Mariah… both also end roughly at the wrist bone. This is not cool for me… not cool at all.

A sweater that ends at my wrist bone is too short. I can’t stand it and it tends to drive me just a tiny bit batty (well, battier than normal I guess would be the correct way to put it). I want the sweater to end at the top of my hand. This way, when I reach out to grab something, I’m not showing my forearm/underside of my wrist to do so. All my sweatshirts and long sleeved shirts end at the top of my hand… I never really thought about the fact that a sweater wouldn’t. I guess this means that I have to refigure the arm length on the sweaters that I want to knit.

What I want to know is: Do y’all end your sweaters at your wrist bone? If so, why? If not, what sweater patterns do you recommend? Is this a widespread thing, or only on the free patterns?

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Saw it on Lori Speak

I am nerdier than 88% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

It's my love of science and history, not mathematics.

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Friday, January 14, 2005

Vidardottir is a restricted area. Authorised personel only


Lifted the link from KnitSteph's other blog... I think this is pretty fitting, don't you?

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Lookit that! Real content!

Finally… I’m doing a picture friendly post! I’ve been busy (well, a little bit, not much) over here at Chez Pfohl… and here’s a rundown of what’s been done:

First off… a hat for my little 2 year old niece. Before anyone tries to comment on the colors, bear in mind that this little girl has two older brothers. I made one in blue and one in brown for my nephews, and she wanted to have *both* colors, so she got stripes. I added the pompon but was reasonably sure that my sister wouldn’t want it there, so I secured it loosely and gave her instructions on how to tighten it if she wanted to keep it.

After I finished Rackell’s hat, I started on XanaduRayne’s hat. This hat is a birthday present to her that’s a little late. Considering she didn’t tell me she wanted it until her birthday, I figure better late than never. The hat is a combination of things… To be honest, I got bored. There’s 2x2 ribbing, seed stitch, a cable, more seed stitch, and stockinette stitch in this hat. You can’t really see the cables, so I took a close up picture. Pretty snifty, hrm?

Here’s the two RAOKs that I received while I was on vacation… to whomever sent me the wonderful Rowan Babies mag, I lost your card and I want to give credit to you for sending me this wonderful magazine!

Then to the wonderful Annie in New Zealand sent me sock yarn! Woot! There’s also a skein of what looks to be a novelty yarn like bernat boa… it’s called Sullivan’s Knitting Yarn in Lilac Sizzle. The picture can’t do justice to this yarn!

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Another Lemming... real post later today

1. Kae
2. KT
3. Kathleen

1. Dlynnmommy
2. Drowelf01
3. Naohm_Aithinne

1. I read fast and retain 98% of it.
2. I’m open minded.
3. I listen before I speak.

1. I’m anal.
2. I’m hormonal.
3. I’m coldhearted.

1. Puerto Rican (1/2)
2. Amerindian (Cherokee) (1/4)
3. Scottish (1/4)

1. Spiders.
2. Poisonous snakes (been bitten by a water moccasin)
3. Stupid people in 4WDs

1. Coffee
2. Cigarettes
3. Sleep

1. Jeans
2. Black socks
3. Blue sweatshirt

1. Inkkubus Sukkubus
2. Tantric

1. Serenity
2. Boulevard of Broken Dreams

1. Glass blowing
2. Wood turning

1. Love
2. Honesty
3. Respect

1. I have grey eyes that tend to freak people out.
2. I nearly threw a girl off a balcony before I learned to control my temper.
3. I don’t speed.

1. Intelligence
2. The way they carry themselves (not self involved, but self-assured)
3. Height.

1. Sleep when I’m angry.
2. Go barefoot outside.
3. Get drunk anywhere but my house or Jenger’s house.

1. Knitting
2. Fabric painting
3. Dyeing

1. Finish this thing.
2. Take a nap.
3. Start Eloise.

1. Civil Service
2. Respiratory Therapy
3. Linguistics.

1. Ireland
2. Scotland
3. Nova Scotia

1. Take a Caribbean cruise
2. Learn to be more patient
3. Build a house

1. I can cuss like a sailor
2. I like to build things.
3. I was in JROTC.

1. I love crafty stuff.
2. I have pms
3. I love hot tubs

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Can we say Lemming?

Grooming Products

Shampoo--Whatevers on sale at the BX or commissary.

Moisturizer--Mary Kay

Cologne-- don't like them.

Razor-- Gilette Mach 3



Cell phone--Siemens M56

Computer--IBM clone, put together by me.


Stereo-- don't have one


Sheets--Jersey Knit or Flannel

Coffee-maker--Hilton Beach BrewStation

Car--Chevy S-10 pickup



Bottled water--Brita filtered from the fridge

Coffee--Maxwell house

Vodka--Smirnoff Triple Black or Absolut Citron

Beer-- Guiness, but not from the bottle. I prefer mine built at a pub.


Jeans-- Again, whatever. Doesn't matter as long as it is straight or wide legged.

T-shirt--Whatever happens to catch my eye. Mainly mouthy t-shirts.

Briefcase or tote--Neither, if I can get away with it. When I have to have one, I have a booga bag.

Sneakers--Sketchers or Nikes.

Watch--Seiko Titanium. Bought it 6 years ago, and it's seen about 2 weeks off my wrist, roughly, since then.

Favorite Places

Italy (Naples)

Necessary Extravagance

I don't deem anything as "necessary". Nice, yes. Necessary? I don't *have* to buy yarn. I buy it when I want it and can afford it (at the same time).

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Color Happy...

So... the only really interesting news that I have right now is that my hands are green and my nails are blue. Relax… it’s food coloring! I’m not as blissfully ignorant as I was in the past… if it’s a commercial dye, I wear gloves. However with food coloring, I don’t. LoL

Right now I have two skeins of fisherman’s wool in the crockpot, currently turning several shades of green and blue. I’m hoping that this yarn will be useable as an outerwear cardigan/sweater. We shall see, shall we not? I’ll post pictures when it’s done. Right now, that doesn’t look to be tonight… I’m not removing it until the morning. That should give it plenty of time to cool and all that jazz.

Oh, and I was rearranging my stash drawers and found previously dyed fisherman’s wool that I had skeined up into 4 oz balls and used roughly half of on a purse for the little girl children in the family. I took the remaining 2 oz of these skeins and overdyed them different colors. Hey, this way I can make other things out of the yarn and not have to figure in the fact that I’d already used the yarn before and be bored with the colors.

I’ve been naughty in the budget department… I bought 7 skeins of yarn from for a sweater out of my brand spankin’ new Noro Knits book that was a birthday pressie from my fam, and I found a perfect yarn for Eloise. Oh, I’m knitting all the patterns that I chose in solid color yarns… I am not fond of stripes to begin with, and I don’t like Noro yarns. I’ve tried… I didn’t particularly like Silk Garden, and I’m not going to pay big bucks (at least in my opinion) for what’s called for in the pattern when I don’t like the yarn. Big whoop. I substituted yarn that is supposed to be the same gauge, and I *will* swatch before I knit this one. Yes, I said the “s” word. However, since this sweater is for me, I’m going to swatch. Besides, no one I know personally is close to my size, so I can’t give it away unless it is way too large, and I will be pretty pissed if I did all that work and I can’t wear it.

I also bought a slew of Lion Brand Wool-ease on sale yesterday. I happen to like wool-ease, and it was a great price. Add to that the fact that I can wash it (and not have the superwash stretch problem), and I was sold on it. I bought enough for a second sweater. This sweater will probably be worn over a t-shirt (which I usually do anyway, because if I get hot then I can take off the sweater) so even though it’s *relatively* soft, I still don’t have to worry about any residual roughness.

Ok, I’m going to go sit next to the crockpot for a while…


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Friday, January 07, 2005

A lot of no content...

Well, it’s been a week since I typed anything that even remotely sounded worthwhile to post on my blog. I just don’t seem to have the witty repartee in my brain going on yet, and therefore anything that I write comes out sounding childishly connected (grammar? Punctuation? Mechanics? What in the great bloody hells is *that*?) So instead I’ve been taking the easy way out… reading blogs, viewing pictures, and not saying a damned word to anybody about anything. Well, unless you’re unlucky enough to be online and on my buddy list when something spectacularly stupid has happened… which has happened recently. (shakes head)

Oh, an amusing little story… and it starts out like this. I sold my coat to a bartender in Chicago. Yes, yes I did. Interesting, eh? Well, she wanted it so badly for a New Year’s Eve party and after three screwdrivers (and a free birthday shot, awesome bartender), she convinced me to sell her my jacket. Didn’t bother me… I had another one (a leather jacket that Jenger gave me), but I tried to tell her I didn’t want more for it than I paid for it. I found it on the clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory in OKC for $20. There were a ton of them there, and I figured if I wanted another one, I’d go back. However, she was convinced that I needed to take the “extra” because I saved her time, gas, and the hassle of Chicago traffic because she would have had to go to the mall during the after Christmas – pre New Years sales and closeouts. After a little while, I shut up and took her money, and gave her my jacket. She gave me a free Makers Mark jacket that she got a while back that she never wore. That sucker is warm! Just an interesting little story about what happens when people take me on vacation… LoL

On the yarn front, I haven’t really done much in the way of anything new. I started and finished my 2 year old niece’s hat (picture taken, will post eventually) and have been working like a madwoman on WingNut’s blanket. It’s approximately 18 inches wide by 110 inches long. It takes a hour to complete 3 rows. (shakes head). That’s about all I’ve been working on. It’s not portable though, and I think I need a portable project. Hrm.

Well I have to go… I’m going to try to blog more regularly. I miss y’all.


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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Blah Blah Blah...

I’m not going to blog very much about it all; this will probably be my only entry. While I did have fun for most of the trip, most of it isn’t very interesting to retell, being that we are boring people ;-)

We arrived in Chicago about midnight on the 23rd… we were supposed to be there an hour earlier, but the sleet and hail in Houston delayed our plane. D was very good on the airplane, considering that this was her first flight and she just got over a double ear infection. She was so excited to fly on the plane… it was fun to watch. Even the other people on the flight were charmed by her.

When we switched flights in Kansas City, I was pulled aside at the security checkpoint and wanded. That was an experience of its own! I certainly hope that never happens again. Considering I made it through the metal detector at OKC/Will Rogers, I wasn’t concerned, but apparently Kansas City’s metal detectors are much more sensitive, as my body piercing(s) set them off. Oh yeah, very interesting (snort). Next time, even though the airport personnel say that body jewelry is fine, I will make sure to wear plastic while flying when I have to go through KC. I didn’t get wanded flying out of Midway (Chicago) or out of Hartford (BDL).

The first day in Chicago, we really didn’t do anything except repack the bags, deciding what to leave there and what to take to MA. We left Chicago early on the 24th.

When we arrived in Mass, WingNut’s sister Denise picked us up and drove the 45 minutes to his dad and stepmom’s house. We really didn’t do anything there… we went driving around in his dad’s truck (which WingNut loves, an Avalanche) and WingNut showed me the schools that he attended, everywhere he worked, the bar that his mom used to work at during the weekends except when she had him (every other weekend) and we went out to eat at Friendly’s (they serve awesome ice cream).

D of course was spoiled rotten come Christmas morning, and I actually got out of bed at 5 am to open presents. WingNut’s dad filmed the entire thing, so we have a dvd recording of all the kids ripping through their presents. D of course made out like the bandit she is, and we actually had to leave quite a few things so they could be shipped back, as we couldn’t take them back on the plane!

The Webs experience wasn’t great. Helen from BayColonyFarm was fighting some intestinal bug, and we were late getting there (an hour late), so whoever else was going to be there had probably already left (giving up on us). I was so horribly disappointed in that store. Let me explain…

I am anal retentive. I think yarns should be sorted via manufacturer or weight. The absolute disorganization in Webs’ stock not only took me by surprise, but I couldn’t *find* anything as well. I managed to walk out with two balls of Cashmerino Aran (one black, one green) to make a hat for my dad. That was a complete bummer for me. I had hoped to find a birthday present for Aubrey, but the selection of sock yarn that I could find wasn’t very big, and I couldn’t find something that I thought would work in the colors that I know she likes. Next time we go to MA, I don’t think I’m going to waste the 45 minute drive to Northampton when I can just as easily order from them online, where their organization seems to be located. (sigh)

My birthday (the 28th) was pretty uneventful as well. However, my mom did call me to sing me happy birthday (offkey… hey, she’s tone deaf!) and that was absolutely great :-)

We flew back to Chicago on the evening of the 28th, but we were delayed an hour coming out of Hartford because it snowed all of five minutes while the passengers were boarding the plane. However, better safe than sorry, and they de-iced the plane.

On Wednesday the 29th, we had a huge dinner at WingNut’s mom’s house in Chicago, and the kids opened presents there. It was a blast! I understand why they drink the way they do now… if I had that many people (loudly) occupying my house, I would be drinking screwdrivers too! D was the recipient of a huge dollhouse and several other things, and a great time was had by all. Really, it was a blast :-)

After dinner, Uncle Steve watched his girls and D at the house while WingNut, my MIL, and I went to her favorite bar two blocks away and all of us got completely smashed. This makes the fourth time in my life I’ve been that drunk. Believe me, I really *have* to be that drunk to sing on the way home. Luckily, none of us were the happy hosts of hangovers the next morning!

On Thursday, my MIL bought us a car. Seriously, she bought us a car! We are the proud owners of a new-to-us 95 Chevy Caprice Classic with 79K miles (really low mileage!), loaded, and very squeaky clean with no dents or dings anywhere on it. WingNut’s mom says she bought it because 1. my Toyota has very high mileage, with 253K miles on it, and 2. she hopes it will last the 2 years that it will take to pay off WingNut’s truck and I can get a new car or SUV.

Friday morning, even though WingNut feels nauseous, we decided to go ahead and drive home. I drove the first six hour leg of the trip, and he drove the rest. Main reason? Someone at the dinner came when they hadn’t felt good, and passed out the germs to a 24 hour stomach flu. What should have been a 12-13 hour trip turned into 14 hours, with us having to pull over so the other person could get sick. WingNut was first, about an hour into the drive. By 1pm, I was getting sick, while WingNut felt steadily better, so he took over driving. Because I had eaten more than him (including breakfast that morning), it took quite a bit longer for my system to empty than it took his. Thankfully, D didn’t get sick at all, either yesterday or today, so here’s to hoping that she doesn’t catch it (fingers crossed).

We got home last night at about 10:30pm. We didn’t bother staying up for the fireworks or midnight, instead I stripped and remade D’s bed, let the dogs in, and we all went to bed. Both of us woke up feeling much better this morning (although the muscles in my stomach *hurt* from yesterday), and we’re just going to take it easy for a couple days.

I did get two RAOKs and a couple cards (snail and e-mail), and I’ll post about them tomorrow. I still need to download pictures and all of that… so they will be forthcoming.


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We're home...

Right now I have 1000+ unread emails (forgot to go no-mail) and 535 blog entries according to bloglines.

I'll post later. Just wanted to say that we're home, we're recovering (both from the trip and from the nasty 24 hour virus that we all had yesterday on the way home), and that I'll catch up with you guys in a little bit.


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