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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Can we say Lemming?

Grooming Products

Shampoo--Whatevers on sale at the BX or commissary.

Moisturizer--Mary Kay

Cologne-- don't like them.

Razor-- Gilette Mach 3



Cell phone--Siemens M56

Computer--IBM clone, put together by me.


Stereo-- don't have one


Sheets--Jersey Knit or Flannel

Coffee-maker--Hilton Beach BrewStation

Car--Chevy S-10 pickup



Bottled water--Brita filtered from the fridge

Coffee--Maxwell house

Vodka--Smirnoff Triple Black or Absolut Citron

Beer-- Guiness, but not from the bottle. I prefer mine built at a pub.


Jeans-- Again, whatever. Doesn't matter as long as it is straight or wide legged.

T-shirt--Whatever happens to catch my eye. Mainly mouthy t-shirts.

Briefcase or tote--Neither, if I can get away with it. When I have to have one, I have a booga bag.

Sneakers--Sketchers or Nikes.

Watch--Seiko Titanium. Bought it 6 years ago, and it's seen about 2 weeks off my wrist, roughly, since then.

Favorite Places

Italy (Naples)

Necessary Extravagance

I don't deem anything as "necessary". Nice, yes. Necessary? I don't *have* to buy yarn. I buy it when I want it and can afford it (at the same time).

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