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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Color Happy...

So... the only really interesting news that I have right now is that my hands are green and my nails are blue. Relax… it’s food coloring! I’m not as blissfully ignorant as I was in the past… if it’s a commercial dye, I wear gloves. However with food coloring, I don’t. LoL

Right now I have two skeins of fisherman’s wool in the crockpot, currently turning several shades of green and blue. I’m hoping that this yarn will be useable as an outerwear cardigan/sweater. We shall see, shall we not? I’ll post pictures when it’s done. Right now, that doesn’t look to be tonight… I’m not removing it until the morning. That should give it plenty of time to cool and all that jazz.

Oh, and I was rearranging my stash drawers and found previously dyed fisherman’s wool that I had skeined up into 4 oz balls and used roughly half of on a purse for the little girl children in the family. I took the remaining 2 oz of these skeins and overdyed them different colors. Hey, this way I can make other things out of the yarn and not have to figure in the fact that I’d already used the yarn before and be bored with the colors.

I’ve been naughty in the budget department… I bought 7 skeins of yarn from for a sweater out of my brand spankin’ new Noro Knits book that was a birthday pressie from my fam, and I found a perfect yarn for Eloise. Oh, I’m knitting all the patterns that I chose in solid color yarns… I am not fond of stripes to begin with, and I don’t like Noro yarns. I’ve tried… I didn’t particularly like Silk Garden, and I’m not going to pay big bucks (at least in my opinion) for what’s called for in the pattern when I don’t like the yarn. Big whoop. I substituted yarn that is supposed to be the same gauge, and I *will* swatch before I knit this one. Yes, I said the “s” word. However, since this sweater is for me, I’m going to swatch. Besides, no one I know personally is close to my size, so I can’t give it away unless it is way too large, and I will be pretty pissed if I did all that work and I can’t wear it.

I also bought a slew of Lion Brand Wool-ease on sale yesterday. I happen to like wool-ease, and it was a great price. Add to that the fact that I can wash it (and not have the superwash stretch problem), and I was sold on it. I bought enough for a second sweater. This sweater will probably be worn over a t-shirt (which I usually do anyway, because if I get hot then I can take off the sweater) so even though it’s *relatively* soft, I still don’t have to worry about any residual roughness.

Ok, I’m going to go sit next to the crockpot for a while…


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