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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Quick Post, well I hope so anyway

It's not that I don't love you guys, but I haven't been here to post. I haven't been answering my email either, but the reason is really simple. Well, reasons.

WingNut's birthday was Sunday, there went that day (don't mind that). This week I'm serving jury duty at the county courthouse here in OKC. Today I was successfully booted from a jury pool for a capital punishment case (i.e. one of the punishments possible was death) because I told the judge and the ADA that while I would and could impose the death penalty if I believed it justified, I don't have a babysitter for D while I am in court past Friday. This case is expected to last next week and possibly the week after (it IS a capital punishment case) but I only have a sitter until the end of the week, and they can't actually *make* you take a case past the date on your subpoena. They try to sound like they can, but they will excuse for cause if it causes undue hardship. The ADA had no problem with the judge excusing me because I told her that I was not Christian, so the idea of death as a punishment and judgement from a "church" didn't bother me. It wasn't that she didn't want me to go up there, it was more like she didn't like my religious preferences and would take one of the other "good moral Christians" who are "strong in their faith". Pure bullshit in my opinion, but bigots will be bigots unless something happens that is traumatic enough to change their opinions.

I haven't shown pictures of the RAOKs that I received from Danielle or Ilanna, and I'm sorry. I will soon, I promise. I also am working on a Super Secret Project (not a gift, but I'm afraid that if I mention it, I will jinx it and if I have to frog it I might just go apeshit). I'll show a picture of that when it's done.

I also received a RAOK yesterday that really made me feel better after 8 hours of listening to the judge drone on and one and the ADA talk so much and with so much repetitiveness that I started to fall asleep. Seriously. My head almost hit the bench in front of me. However, the RAOK is just too lovely... Lori sent me a wonderful magnetic list pad, cool stitchmarkers, and the most beautiful card. Thank you so much Lori! Oh, and don't worry with a little practice I'm sure you could get my nerd score ;-) No need to be jealous... LoL

Ok, gotta go, up too late as it is and I have to be back at court at 8 am...

FaerieLady posted at 9:20 PM

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You're very welcome, and I'm glad it was able to perk you up after all the jury selection stuff. I am being summoned for jury duty for the first time in the beginning of Feb, and I'm not looking forward to it... epecially getting there soooo early!

By Blogger Lori, at 12:33 AM  

haha that will teach the bible thumpers won't it :)

I entertain way to easily...

By Blogger Stinkerbell, at 5:39 AM  

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