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Monday, January 17, 2005

Where do your sleeves stop?

So, where do your sleeves stop?

Yeah I know what kind of question is that? Well, here’s the deal:

I went through sweater patterns and all that crap yesterday. I’m doing some serious stash enhancement (birthday money, Christmas/Yule money, and in two weeks our tax refund will be deposited). I’m doing my stash enhancement now, since during the majority of the year I can’t afford or justify the purchase of new yarn since we are on a fairly tight, strict budget. I’m currently a stay at home mom/college student, and money can be stretched in tons of ways, one of which is the institution of a pretty strict yarn buying schedule.

Ok, enough of that. Back to the subject at hand.

While perusing the selection of free and for sale patterns for this sweater and that sweater, I chose patterns and designs that I really *want* to knit. For me, the desire has to be present in order to knit because I am a slow knitter. If the desire isn’t there, I’ll get about ¼ of the way through it and frog it back to the beginning.

I stashed for Mariah (Peruvian highland wool), I stashed for Eloise (Peruvian highland wool), and for BPT (wool-ease). I want to stash for at least two more sweaters (probably Rogue & Butterfly), a stole, and a hat (coronet)/scarf (Irish hiking scarf)/ mittenettes combo. My sock knitting experiment I have more than enough yarn for, I have yarn for lace experiments, and I have a few miscellaneous balls of stuff here and there for little projects. Before anyone chokes on the amount of yarn that I’m buying (although most of the knit bloggers that I know spend quite a bit more on a regular basis than I am spending all at once), I buy only on sale. I also use Peruvian highland wool, Patons, and Cascade (when I can find it on sale). I don’t buy high end yarns (usually) because I can’t justify a $100+ for a sweater. Sorry guys… I just can’t do it. Maybe if I had more disposable income I could, but with the budget that ain’t happenin’ anytime soon!

While I was checking out sweater patterns, I checked Wendy Knits in her free patterns section, and realized that all her sweaters end at the wrist bone. Concerned, I checked Eloise and Mariah… both also end roughly at the wrist bone. This is not cool for me… not cool at all.

A sweater that ends at my wrist bone is too short. I can’t stand it and it tends to drive me just a tiny bit batty (well, battier than normal I guess would be the correct way to put it). I want the sweater to end at the top of my hand. This way, when I reach out to grab something, I’m not showing my forearm/underside of my wrist to do so. All my sweatshirts and long sleeved shirts end at the top of my hand… I never really thought about the fact that a sweater wouldn’t. I guess this means that I have to refigure the arm length on the sweaters that I want to knit.

What I want to know is: Do y’all end your sweaters at your wrist bone? If so, why? If not, what sweater patterns do you recommend? Is this a widespread thing, or only on the free patterns?

FaerieLady posted at 7:16 PM

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I totally go mental when the sleeves don't hit at *least* my knuckles. They HAVE to be long for me to be happy. I'm always pulling and tugging at sleeves of everything I own trying to make them longer. I just finished my first sleeve for Mariah about 3 minutes ago and the sleeves are great; nice and long. They might even be too long. haha. I'm going to wait and see, but I think if you knit them how they're written, you'll find they're plenty long enough. Jodi (the designer) mentioned in the knitalong messages that she prefers longer sleeves as well.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:38 PM  

I have short arms and I fold my sleeves up. In fact, I like 3/4 sleeves as well. So, that is the nice thing about knitting for yourself. :)

By Blogger Freecia, at 10:31 PM  

I found you through Rose...and I swear when I first read your "sleeves" was like I was reading about a twin! College student/knitter? Scheming on how to increase the stash...I was dying! I swear, it was reading something I would write, but didnt? Cool! I have definitely added you to the dailies...this is too good to pass by! Oh..sleeves? Winter, they must be fingertipe length, summer, no shorter than 3/4 length? I know I'm weird!

By Blogger Arielle, at 10:17 AM  

Have you found anything reasonable for knitting butterfly at a decent cost? I'm a fellow knitter on a budget, and I really want to knit butterfly, but can't justify the yarn cost... and it doesn't seem right to just sub something solid colored with the same guage, as the gradient striping is one if the features that really gives it the look I love...

As for the sleeve question, I like 3/4 sleeves, and I like sleeves that come at least an inch or so onto my hand... wrist length is okay in things with enough ease that the length doesn't really change when I move... otherwise, the in-between lengths are somewhat annoying. I've never really thought about that as a factor in my knitting though (I haven't actually made any sweaters yet, I'll be starting my first very soon, though.) So, thanks for the food for thought.

By Blogger Shannon, at 10:26 AM  

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