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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Busy little person that I am...

Well progress has been made on many things… so much has happened in such a short period of time!

To make a long story short, a friend of the family was hospitalized Saturday morning with flesh eating bacteria. Two kids came to the daycare she works at and they were sick, and in true diabetic form (her form of diabetes, each case is different) she caught what they had and her body also developed a “boil”. Some diabetics do that. Anyway, she attempted to lance the boil herself, forcing the wound open and allowing some of it to drain, however a lot of it was pushed back and into surrounding fat tissue. Said family friend is very obese, and it ended up saving her life. The ER surgeons were able to operate successfully twice, performing basically a full frontal fat reduction surgery, to remove all the bacteria and affected tissue. She has in effect lost 100+ lbs via surgery in order to get to uninfected flesh. Without that fat in the way, the bacteria in all probability would have reached internal organs, which would have killed her.

She’s still in the hospital. The doctors estimate moving her out of ICU into a semi-private or private room by the weekend, and they estimate a month before she can released to go home. She will have to have extensive cosmetic surgery on her abdomen; however we are all grateful that she is alive.

Then I had a study group meeting for the Pagan/Neo-Pagan study group that I host. We came up with subject matter for the next year’s worth of assignments. That document in written up, expanded upon, and posted to the Yahoogroup for us. They know where it is. We have some interesting discussions and papers for the next year!

I’ve been asked to make a speech at the next TOPP Beltane event here in OKC. I’ve already responded to the person in charge of the event, confirming that I will speak. I’ve also had a friend ask me if she can refer to me, in essence “drop my name” to the Oklahoma Gazette reporter who’s apparently doing a piece on the Oklahoma Pagan/Neo-Pagan community. This I’m not too sure about… I don’t trust reporters. Every time I have read an article in this community, the reporter has twisted what was said (and I’ve read the interview transcripts!) to fit his/her needs which has cast a shadow on the community. We have enough “shadows” here without adding more, thanks muchly… this *is* the belt buckle of the Bible Belt! Oh, and apparently another Coven in the area, Silver Serpent Coven, is now linking to me personally as a contact person to the community. Add to this the link from T.O.T.E.M. (Trinity of the Eternal Moon Circle/Coven, they host the TOPP or The Oklahoma Pagan Path Beltane event) and the link from DRCC (Deep Root Community Center, the “community center project” for Pagans/Neo-Pagans, who I’m *not* involved with in any shape/fashion/form!) and for some reason people are beginning to believe that I’m a good contact person for the Oklahoma City Pagan/Neo-Pagan Community. I’m not sure whether to be honored because people think highly of me in this community, or scared because they haven’t chosen someone “better”. I guess I should get used to it though, because I’m going through IIMM training to become a Pagan Layperson (link between the Chaplain and Pagan/Neo-Pagan community on military bases), therefore my name shall become “public” to them soon as well. Well, when I finish the training that is.

On the knitting front, the socks are coming along. I’m about 4 inches into each sock, with about two more to go before I start to turn the heel. Get ready guys, there’s gonna be some serious cussing as I try to figure out the directions. KnitSteph says to follow the directions *exactly* as they are written, so I’m going to do that. All I know is if I screw up, something is going to get seriously hurt! (laughs)


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Glad you changed the picture to your new "do". It looks as great on you.


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