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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I probably need to be locked in a closet, and someone can throw food through the door at regular intervals. When you do throw the food in, remember to open the door real quick, chuck it in, and slam the door shut. Believe me, it would be better than the alternative!

Last night, oh my goddess last night… I shouldn't even get started on that but *dayum* it was horrible! I couldn't even have an uninterrupted Spindlers chat!

WingNut and I went out to the BX yesterday and bought a new washer. They had it on sale, and we had just enough money to buy it (and our old washer was kind enough to give us warning before it bit the dust!). So we bought the washer, went by my parents house and borrowed the furniture dolly so that we could move it around (and in the process my dad stepped very firmly on my toe, so it is now bruised and sore), and came home. At that time, I ordered a pizza and buffalo wings, and WingNut moved the old washer out of the mudroom, cleaned, etc.

I logged on to Spindlers chat (Wednesday is chat day) and was enjoying myself when I hear WingNut scream my name at the top of his lungs. Considering it wasn't a "yell" it was a scream, and he was alone in the mudroom, this promptly led me to jump up and run across the house. I open the mudroom door to the sound of *gushing water*. Seems that the spigot for the washer connection (you know, there are two of them) sheared OFF from the wall. Upon later inspection, it wasn't his fault because the spigot was clearly rusted through.

Now, we don't have a shutoff T-bar. I had to jump in the truck and drive to a friend's house to pick one up. It usually takes 10 minutes each way, and I was back in 9 minutes. Thank goodness there were no cops out on that stretch of road yesterday, I would have just *loved* getting a ticket on top of all this! Oh, that was sarcasm… LoL

Get back to the house, hold the hose over the gushing hole in the wall (hose directed a fair amount of water into the drain) while WingNut shut the water off. He looks at it and heads to Ace, and I wait for the pizza. The pizza delivery guy showed up on my front porch with my buffalo wings, I hand him my check and ask where my pizza is. He motions to his truck, so I stand there on the porch while he walks out to his truck, gets in, and *drives off*. With My Pizza.

So I call the customer service line, get a hold of a supervisor, and tried my damndest to be nice and tactful while I told her that I wanted my pizza delivered, and I wanted a reduced or free pizza because I didn't DO anything to deserve having my pizza not delivered. If I would have bitched, yelled, moaned, whatever at the delivery dude, I might have been more understanding of a busy night. However, I didn't do anything! She agreed with me (smart woman!) called the manager, and I got my pizza 30 minutes later with my check, which was returned to me. I didn't pay for anything because it came out of the delivery drivers' wage. (shrug) I'm not upset, all he would have had to do was read my order and get me my pizza.

Anyway, WingNut comes back from Ace to hear me ranting (quietly) on the phone, and figures out that although any other time we probably would have been able to fix the hookups ourselves, this was a mite bit beyond our actual collective experiences. I call the landlord to get a 24 hour plumber dispatched. Sorry, I wasn't waiting until the morning, because I have a 4 year old child in the house and there was *no water*. When the landlord starting hemming and hawing over sending in a plumber tonight, I handed the phone to WingNut. I love the fact that certain men, my husband included, can pretty much make you do what they want you to do if the action is called for. There was no "tomorrow we'll get a plumber out there", it was a "the plumber will be there in 20 minutes". Sure enough, the plumber was here 15 minutes later, driving a big new Ford extended cab step side jacked up monstrosity that he called a truck. Seriously! He was at home (thank goodness he was single, or I might have felt bad for his family) and basically just got up and drove over. An hour later, the spigot was replaced and we have running water.

Then I got online, bought two copies of Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler (I had my own copy many moons ago, but that was destroyed during a vindictive book burning bonfire by a certain person who shall go unnamed), one for myself and one for a friend. We need this book for our lessons with Isis Invicta for Military Members (hereafter referred to a IIMM). While I was on Amazon and in order to receive free shipping, I bought a book for WingNut too. He'll find out which book when it gets here, because I haven't told him that I bought it yet! I think he'll like it :

Now I'm trying to decide something knitting related, and I wanted y'all's opinions. Wendy knit an iPod cozy (or sweater, as she called it) out of KnitPicks Silk Twist, two rows of Prairie alternated with 2 rows of Olive. I'm seriously considering using this 2 row transition to knit Clapotis. What do y'all think? I already know I need to buy at least 9 skeins, because after a google search last night for "finished Clapotis" the first 12 blog hits had statements regarding the fact that in order to complete Clapotis to specifications, they had to go approximately 100 yards over the specified amount. Instead of approximately 600-650 yards, it needed 700-750. I hate running short. But anyway, what do y'all think of that idea?


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Ohhhno! And yes, you deserved a free pizza. Who in the world calls a pizza delivery place and only orders takeout buffalo wings?

By Blogger Freecia, at 1:00 PM  

well i wanted to be a good little Rayne and comment on your sweater idea but the link to me to a list of knitting sites and no pictures. What are we choosing from again? Oh and sorry again about the bad day

By Blogger RayneB, at 10:46 PM  

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