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Friday, March 04, 2005

In the sandbox...

No matter our individual thoughts on the war in Iraq, please remember to support our troops.

My bestest friend in the whole world (closest friend that I have ever had and knows *all* my secrets) has been given orders to Iraq and has left. It was only a matter of time... he is an Apache maintainer in the Army and has completed his CLS (combat life saver training).

He'll have intermittent access to email, and has given me his APO box so I can send him a birthday present. I'm going to make him a tarot bag out of the Opal Tiger Stripe yarn I have (his favorite cartoon is Calvin and Hobbs), but I'd better get on the ball because mail to Iraq is slow at best. First I have to find a place to buy a U.S. size 2 circular needle that's 12 inches long that won't cost half as much to ship as the cost of the needles (the only thing I've found so far is a set at Wool Country of Addi Turbos, $12.50 to buy and $7 to ship!).

I'm a little emotional about this. I'm not sure why... my parents were both active duty at one point in time or another, and WingNut is active duty too. I guess it's because DragonsTalon (little nickname) hasn't got anybody else at home to worry about him except his parents. He also has a little girl who's two years older than D.

A little side note... about 3 years ago, I was taking birth control pills. They were making me increasingly psychotic; I would have intermittant fits of pure uncontrollable rage. During one such flash, I almost killed him (literally, I almost crushed his throat). Without his guidance and insistance on getting off the pill I would probably be in a mental institution and he'd probably be dead. I owe him my life; he was the only person who saw what was going on and put himself in a great deal of danger to help me.

If you read this DT, I miss you and love you, cuz you're the bestest friend in the whole world.

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your post caught my eye! my DH is just returning from Iraq.... well he's not home yet but with in the next week or so...
anyways you'd be surprised how much they've come in the past 2 years he'll be able to email and maybe IM and call too if he's willing to wait in the lines.... the mail is slow so if you send baked goodies put them in those metallic freezer bags that hang up around the freezer secion of the grocery store it will help them not to melt! b/c it gets so hot there! actually i had friend who sent everything wrapped in those! oh and powdered gateraid or tang is like a coveted thing down there! also little debbie like snacks last forever so those aer good goodies to send too! just a few hints i've picked up over the last year. I know that anything you send He'll love it!
anyways i just wanted to stop and say hey! if you have any ?'s feel free to email me or stop by my blog! happy knitting

By Blogger Allena, at 3:41 AM  

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