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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Picture Heavy Post... Memorial Day BBQ at Chez Pfohl

These are a couple of lushes…

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You can’t leave your drink, whether it be alcoholic, below your waist. If you are sitting on the floor or a step and you put your drink down, I recommend that you keep a rather *firm* grip on it, otherwise it might take a little trip down the gullet of a rather cute (but rather sneaky) thief.

Then again, when you have people like Mike:

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Coming over to relieve some stress and relax, sometimes things happen. See how cute and innocent he looks?? Don’t believe it, it’s all lies! LoL

Here’s Joel…

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Poor guy had a wee bit much to drink. He plopped his foot up on the table (cowboy boot and all!) and kinda fell off into a deep sleep that only last a couple minutes. It was cute while it lasted! I figured out that it had to be cute… because he was stocking up points to make up for this:

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Joel deserves major kudos. He managed to get out of the chair and crawl over to the side of the deck before getting horribly sick. He didn’t get sick on the desk, he didn’t get anyone else, and he got up afterwards. He really is a good troop!

Of course WingNut couldn’t leave him totally alone…

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But he’s not actually giving him grief in this picture. It just looks like it! LoL

Now this guy is a whole different kettle of fish…

First Josh drank a little much, as you can see here:

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But then... he moved!

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Keep in mind… that’s a swingset. He is rather tall, but the swingset? C’mon!

The guy in the red shirt that you’ve seen throughout these pictures babying the sick guys is a real sweetheart named Danny. He checked up on everyone, and made sure that the guys got home ok last night. Well, everyone except Mike… who’s currently doing this:

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On my couch.

Poor KnitSteph; I vaguely remember talking to her for a few minutes last night but I wasn’t quite “all home”. Gods, I love amaretto sours! I stopped drinking early last night though, so I didn’t end up having more than a buzz for a little while.

Happy Memorial Day guys!

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