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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Model Shot

This is a crappy model shot of the scarf. Ignore the fact that I look like day old shit in this picture... I haven't been sleeping particularly well lately. Nightmares.

But anyway, here it is, done blocking.

Image hosted by

I really can't get a good picture of the color graduation. This scarf will be winging it's way to my recipient shortly. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm heading out the door to financial aid at the college. I'll think about giving up the scoop on it when I get back.


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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Spinning Epiphany

It’s actually been a few days since I had these thoughts, but I wanted to wait until I had the pictures before I actually posted them.

I’m sure those that actually read this boring tome remember a week ago my moaning and groaning about spinning “balanced” yarns, “perfect” yarns. Remember that? Wasn’t I being whiny? Didn’t you want to just lay one across the back of my head? Rereading it now, *I* want to. What a whine.

Why? Because I’ve had a revelation… and my revelation has probably been had by a lot of spinners out there, I know of quite a few of them. This revelation is very simplistic and streamlined.

It’s not that the yarn should be perfectly even or perfectly smooth, just that it’s perfect for you.

I hated this yarn. Thick (not really “thick”, just thicker in spots) and thin, my ply is a little overdone, yada yada. I decided to make it into a lacey scarfy thing just because, for no particular reason a’tall. I didn’t want to felt it, but I didn’t want to just leave it hangin’ around. I needed to do something with it. So, I made up a simplistic little variation on the drop stitch scarf pattern and cast on. Easy peasy… instead of garter st for four rows, k1 yo one row, then knit dropping the yo’s… this one goes moss stitch for four rows, k1 *yo k2tog across to last stitch*, k1, then the 6th row resumes the moss stitch. Because I had an even number of stitches, I varied it between k1 yo and k1 k2tog at the beginning of the rows. Every other repeat, I changed it. Symmetry, ya know. I did it on 11’s.

I cast on and started knitting. Four repeats into it, I hated it. Hated it, hated it. But me being me, I was determined to get farther into it before I ripped it back. I set it down on the desk next to me, put a point protector on the needle, and proceeded to play with it while I was thinking about other things. I looked down right as I was stretching it out for the millionth time… and I liked it.

This is what I saw:

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It’s beautiful to me, and that’s what counts, isn’t it?

Why did I think I needed “validation”? I mean honestly, I spin because I *like* to spin. The yarn is a byproduct that I can put to good use, because I *like* to knit.

Now it’s finished, at roughly 15 inches wide and 70 inches long, blocked.

Image hosted by

I’m at an angle, so it looks wonky. Couldn’t back up far enough to not take it at a weird angle.

After I finished it and prior to blocking, I soaked it in steaming water with citric acid (there was residual color bleed). Then I soaked it in hot water and dish soap, and a clean water rinse. I spun it out in the washing machine and tacked it out to dry using T pins to block it out. The hand is so soft, the yarn plush. It looks beautiful, and because of the way I spun it, it fades from turquoise to plum from one end to the other.

It’s beautiful.

To all you newbie spinners out there, and all the spinners that get discouraged because you didn’t create the “perfectly smooth, perfectly even” yarn that you thought you wanted… please don’t criticize yourself. Press on; you’ll be amazed at the results.

I’m not a machine. I’m not going to create the perfect commercial yarns… it’s just not “possible” to me. But by all the God/desses out there, I’m going to create yarns that are perfect to *me*, for me.

That kind of freedom is to be cherished, and I’m cherishing it.

Much love to you all.

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Lookie lookie, there be pictures today!

The FaerieLady Fibers has been updated with new fibers for sale. Take a peek if you’re interested!

The Thumb Cozy:

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If you’re interested in seeing a picture of my thumb, it’s right here. This picture was taken yesterday, so it doesn’t look all that bad. Except you may notice parts of my nail being in places where it shouldn’t be. (shrug) It doesn’t hurt.

WingNut is sitting on the couch, covered in dogs.

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That's enough for now...

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

A survey for Bloggers through MIT

Click the button if you have a few minutes for a survey run by MIT. They are looking for a wide spread of bloggers to answer this survey. Just click the button.

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

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I am no photographer

The pictures came out looking like crap. Don't worry, I'll figure it out. I'm sure everyone here is just waiting with baited breath... I'll sit here and wait until you guys are no longer falling out of your chairs laughing at me ;-)

I didn't do much dyework today, not nearly as much as I had planned. I woke up, got myself a cup of coffee, and promptly spilled it on my (bare) legs. After that, it was a series of accidents. Finally I admitted defeat and decided that today would not be the day to dye, at least not this morning. I could just see it... a quart of dye concentrate spilled all over my kitchen floor... the black/tan puppies with purple streaks... sometimes it is better *not* to tempt fate! Yeah, it only took me 25 years to learn this little factoid...

I'm living dangerously. The thumb splint has been off all day. Damn I hate that thing! I'll probably wear it tomorrow though; especially when I go to the pool. Convenient excuse not to have to explain that Kae sinks like concrete straight to the bottom of any pool! No, I can't swim. I have some interest in learning in a pool, but my first learning experience at the age of seven was in a lake and earned me a snake bite and medivac flight to the hospital for antivenin treatment. Water mocassins are nasty. The babies? Oh, they're much more poisonous. Basically I have a near phobia... I can get into the water, but I can't get in past a certain point... my legs literally freeze in one spot and I can't move. You'd think the fact that it's a clear, treated swimming pool that it wouldn't affect me. Think again, phobias aren't reasonable! It doesn't *matter* that I can see perfectly well that there are no snakes in the water, my muscles don't want to respond. One day soon I'll have to remedy this problem; probably by taking lessons with a certified professional who knows how to treat a person with a water phobia, wearing swim goggles so I can see underwater (contacts), and lots of patience. I mean, I can't go on like this forever. One day soon D is going to want Momma to swim/wade with her, and I have to be able to do it. I will not show fear to my child.

Besides, I jump off cliffs for fun, I've got several piecings and tattoos, and I want to jump out of an airplane and go hang gliding. What's a little water between friends?

Gonna try to go to sleep now, for the third time tonight...


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Thursday, June 23, 2005

As you can see... no pictures

I was going to update my fiber page today, didn't happen... I couldn't get a decent picture of any of the silks due to the fact that the sun was down and the flash reflected off the silk, screwing up the pics. Therefore, the pics will be forthcoming later today. BTW, ignore the time stamp on this. Just means that I couldn't sleep.

Secret Pal, oh secret pal, I have lost your email address. Apparently it was so secret that it escaped my email inbox and ran away! To answer your questions, the page is just a blog page located at The site name is FaerieLady Fibers. That would be me. Right now I have the background as plain white... I haven't had the time/inclination to screw around with the template like Stinkerbell and I did on this template. However, that will be coming. I'm going to keep it low-key though... I don't want it to detract from the fibers listed on the page.

Idle comment... it is true that when you dye silk, it looks like a wet cat. A wet *Persian* cat. After it's dry and floofed back out, it looks like it never got wet. Again, this is exactly like a Persian cat. I know this, I used to own and show a Persian and a Burmese. I thought the comparison was accurate enough to share with y'all.

I need to email my own SP5 recipient and let her know that I haven't forgotten about her but her package has been slowed down because of the restraint on my left thumb. One of her presents is a gift that I am currently knitting, thus the current slowdown. I *can* knit, it just takes longer because I have to work around the currently gimpy digit. This by itself isn't cool, however the knitted gift looks pretty damned spiffy if I say so myself. I even have proof... although I don't have a photo yet to show for it, The Benevolent Dictator of Spindlers has given the currently over halfway completed project her seal of approval.

Before I forget to mention this, and ignore this if I've mentioned it before, a great gift appeared in the mail to me Wednesday morning. In this envelope, there resided a *THUMB COZY!*. Knit for me by the ever wonderful, ever caring, and all around mahvelous KnitSteph this wonderful jewel is knit in 2x2 rib, the perfect size to fit over my thumb with the hated thumb splint on. It has salvedged my spinning; because of it I am able to spin without a glove on my entire hand, causing my hand to appear to have malaria although the rest of my body is just fine, thank ye very much. I have taken a picture and when the massive uploading of pictures is complete, I shall woo all of y'all with pictures of this thoughtful and delightful little cozy!

Ok, enough gratuitious braying of my own craw... I'm going to try to catch some shuteye. If I don't go soon, I will probably admit defeat and stay awake until I fall over sidewise on the couch later on today, completely screwing up what little sleep schedule that I have!


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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Oh yeah... button contest!

Forgot about this one...

I need a button for my sales site. I can't make it on my own... the software freezes my laptop. Soooo what I wanted to do was this: Have a little contest!


Submit your button entry to via email at On say... Sunday morning (the 26th), I'll list the buttons on the blog with a poll, and y'all can vote for which one y'all like better. The winner will receive a fibery prize.

The only restrictions... no copyrighted images on the buttons please, this is going on my public sales blog. :-)


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Haha Sometimes Kae is an idjit

I was told that the link in my entry isn't working... it just cycled back to the runeblogknitter page. Well duh me... I did the link wrong! Habit, I tell ya. Thanks Rose for telling me!

There will be more fiber listed on Thursday or so... wool top in 56s, which is a great count for socks, outerwear such as sweaters, mittens, hats, etc. This wool is comparible in hand as the Faulkland top I offered for sale at Rendezvous, but at a slightly lower price. I can get this one at a lower price, and choose to pass those savings on!

Also, there will be dyed silk top available hopefully on Thursday too. Depends on the thumb. LoL


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Friday, June 17, 2005

Oops I did it again...

and no, I'm not Brittany Spears.

My thumbnail only appeared healed. I figured this out late last night after a midnight paypal payment from a buyer. As I taped the label on the box, some of the tape adhered to my nail. Me, being the mighty mighty brute that I am, ripped the tape off my nail and fixed it to the box.

Then the pain started. It waited a minute or two, then smacked the shit out of me.

I looked down. My nail was lifted at a roughly 45 degree angle away from the nailbed, and part of the nail matrix (area at the top of your nail, hidden underneath the flesh and cuticle area) was actually protruding out from the side of my thumb.

Because of insurance and the fact I was not in danger of losing life, limb, or eyesight, I wrapped it up and toughed it out until this morning, when I called at 7:01 am and demanded a same day appointment with the LT.

The LT proceeded to poke, prod, lift, tweak, and otherwise move the nail around while looking at it to determine if it was salvageable. After a few minutes of this, I sat on my other hand. A few more minutes, and I reminded him quite nicely (well, I didn't swear or cuss, that makes it nicely in my book considering it all) that this was quite painful to me. He told me that the nail was still nicely adhered to the majority of the nail matrix at the top of the nail and that if it was removed (i.e. if he pulled it off) there was a chance that it wouldn't grow back. Thanks but no thanks! The other option was what we chose to do... the thumb was numbed (two shots, one on either side of the thumb), the nail sheared off even with the pad of my thumb, and then they splinted my thumb.

The splint is to stay on until the growth in the matrix has grown down even to the bottom of the thumb. If I remove it early, I risk snagging it and pulling *that* back. Thanks, but no. I'm so NOT repeating this song and dance again! The doctor quoted me about a month, give or take. (sigh). The part of the nail that's currently *in* the matrix has to grow out completely to the end of my nail before I can take it off

So I'm at home. Me, my painkillers, antibiotics, and my computer and remote. Oh, and playful puppies. I wish they didn't think that Momma's boo boo needs to be cleaned.


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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I listed the remainder of my fibers...

I actually listed the remainer of my fibers that I dyed for Rendezvous on a separate blog that can be found here. If you are interested in any of them, just email me or leave a message in the comments with your email address...

FaerieLady Fibers is also linked in my sidebar, and as I have new rovings available I'll update that blog and mention them here.


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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Let the fit begin...

So I've been spinning up a storm, and I really enjoy it. It's hypnotizing...

But anyway, the problem is this... I can't seem to create a "balanced" yarn no matter how hard I try. I'd overspun the last skein, so this one I tried slowing down a bit and increasing the tension (how fast it draws in). I swear to you, it looked fine when it was on the bobbin. I hooked it up to the skeinwinder, and parts of it don't even look like it's even plied!!

(begin wailing)

What in the Hels am I doing wrong?? Am I being too optimistic to think that I can create a balanced yarn just yet? I've seen websites about the skewing capabilities of over and under twisted yarns and I don't necessarily want to DO that, but I can't seem to find a happy medium!


The yarn that I spun yesterday that's overplied I've decided to make into a small felted bag or scarf. Hey, it's felt. Nobody is going to give a shit. LoL

I'm going to go sulk now with my beautiful but underplied merino. Bah humbug. (whimper)

But at least it's purty, right?

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

This is my anniversary present... it's it beautiful?

Specs... 2005 Chevy Cobalt (traded in the s-10). 5 speed standard, silver exterior, gray interior. This car is a beauty, and it runs like a champ! I love it :-)

Image hosted by

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Some of the dyed stuff

These are some of the rovings I dyed. They are currently sold out.

Image hosted by

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This is a test post from

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

First and foremost... thanks to everyone who commented on my poor abused thumb... it's currently still attached and seems to be doing alright. I'm keeping an eye on it because of the possibility of infection, and it doesn't hurt anymore except when I (ocassionally) forget and smack it on something or attempt to tie my own shoes. I've ditched my belt for now and am just dealing with the too large waistbands... buckles are out of my league!

Another thing... there's no pictures in the post to break up the monotony of the words. I'm sorry... I promise, there will be some kind of pictures up this week!

Anyway, on the fiber front... the show was a success considering all the factors against it. It's a small show, located in Oklahoma (the death bell tolls...), and at 7 am the day of the show it was thundering and pouring rain. Everything cleared up about 9ish (with the vendors and show organizers huddled under a huge awning shooting the breeze). We set up and the show went on.

They put me between the alpaca gals... oh wow. I love alpaca, and they have llamas too. Is it any wonder that a llama fleece (from a 1 year old gelded llama) found it's way home with me? 4 oz of alpaca came with as well (solid black, undyed), and six pennyroyal sachets. That's all I took home with me :-)

I sold decently, considering the weather, and received a lot of very good comments regarding the quality of my work during the course of the day. My romney and faulkland rovings sold first, then the carded, and the merino sold last. Hrm. Weird. But I did a decent amount of business, and did at least cover my expenses. However, I doubt I'll make a business out of this (at least a full time one) because of the huge outlay I'd have for the stock, and then the trips I'd have to make in order to sell large quantities. The 'net is good, but I don't really get a lot of sales via the internet.

Ok, enough about business... It's not all that interesting except to me!

I've got fiber. Lemme list the things that I need to remember to take pictures of this week...
1. The batts carded by a friend out of GCNI (breed of sheep, gulf coast native improved)
She didn't have time to do the entire amount without rushing, and I told her not to rush.

2. The llama fleece.
3. My one indulgence... fiber from my absolute fave online fiber vendor, The Silkworker. I adore her silk and wool blends, but this one is 2.4 oz of silk top. I rarely by the silk top because it's so pricey, and I usually enjoy spinning the blends more too. But that's just any silk... LoL. I prefer the blends.
4. Black alpaca roving. That picture probably won't come out.
5. My Pi shawl. I'm halfway through the 288 stitch section. I imagine the process will slow tremendously after this next increase round.
6. Handspun Wensleydale. The wensleydale roving was a pressie from KnitSteph which I dyed for myself. I'm considering making a cobweb shawl out of it.
7. My anniversary present. I'm not gonna tell you guys what it is... I'll letcha see for yourselves... LoL

Ok, that's enough for right now... talk more laters!

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The long and short of it...

I was so proud of myself... I've been very busy the past week getting ready to vend at my very first fiber show (a small one here in Oklahoma called Rendezvous). I finished everything I needed to finish. I even patted myself on the back.

Bad Kae, no biscuit!

Why? Because basically I accidently almost bludgeoned my thumbnail off. If you're squeamish, you might want to skip the long of it.

That's the short of it. The long of it? Kae's a clumsy idjit, or at least that's the story I'm stickin' too!

I was changing the sheets on the bed. Thought I'd be nice, since the muddy pawed beasts (read, four dogs) jumped up there yesterday morning. I went to rip off the bottom fitted sheet and basically rammed my thumbnail into the wall point first.

As blood spurted out from around my entire nail (except where it attaches at the top of the nailbed), I curled up in the corner of the bed screaming and crying. Poor Zeus... the big lug didn't understand what was going on (the rest of the dogs were outside), so he jumped on the bed and started licking my face. That, my friends, is where I was when WingNut came in from work about 10 minutes later.

After the bandaid was applied (think like an ingrown toenail... when the edges are lifted, the dr bandages it so that the edges will re-adhere to the toenail bed... same concept), I was fine for a while. Then, I noticed that the bandaid was becoming noticibly tighter at my thumb swelled. Oooookay, time to change the bandaid.

I gritted my teeth, WingNut changed the bandaid. I sat on my other hand. Probably safer that way.

The nail is now crooked on the nailbed. That's ok, as long as it adheres. Looks like it might. The blood's stopped, anyway.

Ouch ouch ouch. Did I mention that this is my left thumb, and I'm left handed?

Thank the powers that be that I can spin right handed. Nine was my limit for casting on though, so I did manage to get Pi started. Since I'm an English knitter, I can knit without my left thumb. I managed to get to the middle of the 144 stitch section.

However, the painkiller for some reason wired me for sound, so I only got about four hours sleep, all broken up into pieces. Therefore I think I'm gonna go take a nap. With my hand no where near my body or the wall!

For future reference, I'm going to have to wrap myself up in bubble wrap. Leaving a hole for my face, of course.

No pictures forthcoming of the thumb. I didn't think to take one during the bandaid change, and you're crazy if you think I'm taking that bad boy off and taking a picture. It ain't happenin'.


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Friday, June 03, 2005

Coughing up a lung...

I'm still awake at 3:50 in the morning. I've pretty much "written off" sleeping tonight... for some reason, I just can't lay down without trying to cough up one of my lungs. The cough is a dry hacking cough, so if it doesn't get better soon I'll go see a doctor. I already self-medicated (since I was up) with some cough syrup.

(sigh) This is gonna kick my ass. Tonight is D's birthday party at Nana and Papa's house. Good news is... since I was up, I baked the cake. It just needs to be decorated after it cools. No biggie there. I also got a ton of stuff dyed. Pictures of that to come later.

Hrm... need to post pictures of D's pre-K graduation (last night), lotsa roving, etc etc. Guess this means I need to actually upload what's on the camera, right?

Ok, I'm gonna go back to hacking my lungs up every couple minutes. I'll post those photos later.

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