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Thursday, June 23, 2005

As you can see... no pictures

I was going to update my fiber page today, didn't happen... I couldn't get a decent picture of any of the silks due to the fact that the sun was down and the flash reflected off the silk, screwing up the pics. Therefore, the pics will be forthcoming later today. BTW, ignore the time stamp on this. Just means that I couldn't sleep.

Secret Pal, oh secret pal, I have lost your email address. Apparently it was so secret that it escaped my email inbox and ran away! To answer your questions, the page is just a blog page located at The site name is FaerieLady Fibers. That would be me. Right now I have the background as plain white... I haven't had the time/inclination to screw around with the template like Stinkerbell and I did on this template. However, that will be coming. I'm going to keep it low-key though... I don't want it to detract from the fibers listed on the page.

Idle comment... it is true that when you dye silk, it looks like a wet cat. A wet *Persian* cat. After it's dry and floofed back out, it looks like it never got wet. Again, this is exactly like a Persian cat. I know this, I used to own and show a Persian and a Burmese. I thought the comparison was accurate enough to share with y'all.

I need to email my own SP5 recipient and let her know that I haven't forgotten about her but her package has been slowed down because of the restraint on my left thumb. One of her presents is a gift that I am currently knitting, thus the current slowdown. I *can* knit, it just takes longer because I have to work around the currently gimpy digit. This by itself isn't cool, however the knitted gift looks pretty damned spiffy if I say so myself. I even have proof... although I don't have a photo yet to show for it, The Benevolent Dictator of Spindlers has given the currently over halfway completed project her seal of approval.

Before I forget to mention this, and ignore this if I've mentioned it before, a great gift appeared in the mail to me Wednesday morning. In this envelope, there resided a *THUMB COZY!*. Knit for me by the ever wonderful, ever caring, and all around mahvelous KnitSteph this wonderful jewel is knit in 2x2 rib, the perfect size to fit over my thumb with the hated thumb splint on. It has salvedged my spinning; because of it I am able to spin without a glove on my entire hand, causing my hand to appear to have malaria although the rest of my body is just fine, thank ye very much. I have taken a picture and when the massive uploading of pictures is complete, I shall woo all of y'all with pictures of this thoughtful and delightful little cozy!

Ok, enough gratuitious braying of my own craw... I'm going to try to catch some shuteye. If I don't go soon, I will probably admit defeat and stay awake until I fall over sidewise on the couch later on today, completely screwing up what little sleep schedule that I have!


FaerieLady posted at 11:21 PM

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If you want I can help you dig in over there and fix it up however you want it.

By Blogger Stinkerbell, at 3:53 AM  

That was pretty groovy of KnitSteph

By Blogger Jenger, at 7:57 PM  

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