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Sunday, June 12, 2005

First and foremost... thanks to everyone who commented on my poor abused thumb... it's currently still attached and seems to be doing alright. I'm keeping an eye on it because of the possibility of infection, and it doesn't hurt anymore except when I (ocassionally) forget and smack it on something or attempt to tie my own shoes. I've ditched my belt for now and am just dealing with the too large waistbands... buckles are out of my league!

Another thing... there's no pictures in the post to break up the monotony of the words. I'm sorry... I promise, there will be some kind of pictures up this week!

Anyway, on the fiber front... the show was a success considering all the factors against it. It's a small show, located in Oklahoma (the death bell tolls...), and at 7 am the day of the show it was thundering and pouring rain. Everything cleared up about 9ish (with the vendors and show organizers huddled under a huge awning shooting the breeze). We set up and the show went on.

They put me between the alpaca gals... oh wow. I love alpaca, and they have llamas too. Is it any wonder that a llama fleece (from a 1 year old gelded llama) found it's way home with me? 4 oz of alpaca came with as well (solid black, undyed), and six pennyroyal sachets. That's all I took home with me :-)

I sold decently, considering the weather, and received a lot of very good comments regarding the quality of my work during the course of the day. My romney and faulkland rovings sold first, then the carded, and the merino sold last. Hrm. Weird. But I did a decent amount of business, and did at least cover my expenses. However, I doubt I'll make a business out of this (at least a full time one) because of the huge outlay I'd have for the stock, and then the trips I'd have to make in order to sell large quantities. The 'net is good, but I don't really get a lot of sales via the internet.

Ok, enough about business... It's not all that interesting except to me!

I've got fiber. Lemme list the things that I need to remember to take pictures of this week...
1. The batts carded by a friend out of GCNI (breed of sheep, gulf coast native improved)
She didn't have time to do the entire amount without rushing, and I told her not to rush.

2. The llama fleece.
3. My one indulgence... fiber from my absolute fave online fiber vendor, The Silkworker. I adore her silk and wool blends, but this one is 2.4 oz of silk top. I rarely by the silk top because it's so pricey, and I usually enjoy spinning the blends more too. But that's just any silk... LoL. I prefer the blends.
4. Black alpaca roving. That picture probably won't come out.
5. My Pi shawl. I'm halfway through the 288 stitch section. I imagine the process will slow tremendously after this next increase round.
6. Handspun Wensleydale. The wensleydale roving was a pressie from KnitSteph which I dyed for myself. I'm considering making a cobweb shawl out of it.
7. My anniversary present. I'm not gonna tell you guys what it is... I'll letcha see for yourselves... LoL

Ok, that's enough for right now... talk more laters!

FaerieLady posted at 8:32 PM

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Holy crap, Kae, I just read about your did you do that for? ;-)

Seriously, I hope it's healing properly. This sounds a little bit scary to me. It does seem that when some things go wrong, everything does, though, eh? I hope things move upward, in a good way, for you soon.

By Blogger Norma, at 12:40 PM  

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