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Saturday, June 25, 2005

I am no photographer

The pictures came out looking like crap. Don't worry, I'll figure it out. I'm sure everyone here is just waiting with baited breath... I'll sit here and wait until you guys are no longer falling out of your chairs laughing at me ;-)

I didn't do much dyework today, not nearly as much as I had planned. I woke up, got myself a cup of coffee, and promptly spilled it on my (bare) legs. After that, it was a series of accidents. Finally I admitted defeat and decided that today would not be the day to dye, at least not this morning. I could just see it... a quart of dye concentrate spilled all over my kitchen floor... the black/tan puppies with purple streaks... sometimes it is better *not* to tempt fate! Yeah, it only took me 25 years to learn this little factoid...

I'm living dangerously. The thumb splint has been off all day. Damn I hate that thing! I'll probably wear it tomorrow though; especially when I go to the pool. Convenient excuse not to have to explain that Kae sinks like concrete straight to the bottom of any pool! No, I can't swim. I have some interest in learning in a pool, but my first learning experience at the age of seven was in a lake and earned me a snake bite and medivac flight to the hospital for antivenin treatment. Water mocassins are nasty. The babies? Oh, they're much more poisonous. Basically I have a near phobia... I can get into the water, but I can't get in past a certain point... my legs literally freeze in one spot and I can't move. You'd think the fact that it's a clear, treated swimming pool that it wouldn't affect me. Think again, phobias aren't reasonable! It doesn't *matter* that I can see perfectly well that there are no snakes in the water, my muscles don't want to respond. One day soon I'll have to remedy this problem; probably by taking lessons with a certified professional who knows how to treat a person with a water phobia, wearing swim goggles so I can see underwater (contacts), and lots of patience. I mean, I can't go on like this forever. One day soon D is going to want Momma to swim/wade with her, and I have to be able to do it. I will not show fear to my child.

Besides, I jump off cliffs for fun, I've got several piecings and tattoos, and I want to jump out of an airplane and go hang gliding. What's a little water between friends?

Gonna try to go to sleep now, for the third time tonight...


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