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Friday, June 17, 2005

Oops I did it again...

and no, I'm not Brittany Spears.

My thumbnail only appeared healed. I figured this out late last night after a midnight paypal payment from a buyer. As I taped the label on the box, some of the tape adhered to my nail. Me, being the mighty mighty brute that I am, ripped the tape off my nail and fixed it to the box.

Then the pain started. It waited a minute or two, then smacked the shit out of me.

I looked down. My nail was lifted at a roughly 45 degree angle away from the nailbed, and part of the nail matrix (area at the top of your nail, hidden underneath the flesh and cuticle area) was actually protruding out from the side of my thumb.

Because of insurance and the fact I was not in danger of losing life, limb, or eyesight, I wrapped it up and toughed it out until this morning, when I called at 7:01 am and demanded a same day appointment with the LT.

The LT proceeded to poke, prod, lift, tweak, and otherwise move the nail around while looking at it to determine if it was salvageable. After a few minutes of this, I sat on my other hand. A few more minutes, and I reminded him quite nicely (well, I didn't swear or cuss, that makes it nicely in my book considering it all) that this was quite painful to me. He told me that the nail was still nicely adhered to the majority of the nail matrix at the top of the nail and that if it was removed (i.e. if he pulled it off) there was a chance that it wouldn't grow back. Thanks but no thanks! The other option was what we chose to do... the thumb was numbed (two shots, one on either side of the thumb), the nail sheared off even with the pad of my thumb, and then they splinted my thumb.

The splint is to stay on until the growth in the matrix has grown down even to the bottom of the thumb. If I remove it early, I risk snagging it and pulling *that* back. Thanks, but no. I'm so NOT repeating this song and dance again! The doctor quoted me about a month, give or take. (sigh). The part of the nail that's currently *in* the matrix has to grow out completely to the end of my nail before I can take it off

So I'm at home. Me, my painkillers, antibiotics, and my computer and remote. Oh, and playful puppies. I wish they didn't think that Momma's boo boo needs to be cleaned.


FaerieLady posted at 11:49 AM

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By Anonymous knitsteph, at 1:31 PM  


Hope it gets better. Maybe you can take up crochet if you can't knit.

By Blogger Freecia, at 1:37 PM  

Oh, owwww, ick! I am sooooo sorry you reinjured your poor thumbnail. And I am strangely relieved that it wasn't my order you were packing when it happened. ACK! :-) Good vibes for good healing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

By Blogger Rissa, at 6:38 PM  

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