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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Black Hole of Knitting

When I first read the Harlot's description regarding the black hole of knitting, at first I didn't quite "catch" what she was saying. I thought that maybe she was just exaggerating things. I mean, seriously.... a knitting black hole? Riiiiight.

So imagine my surprise when it happened to me. Go ahead, insert your favorite string of cuss words here.

KnitSteph found me a pattern for the scarf exchange. I literally *could not make up my mind*. All the possibilities, and to be honest part of the rut that I'm in happens to be indecisiveness. So when Steph offered to help find me a pattern, I decided that the pattern she found would be the one I did... good thing she had pity on me and chose an easy (but very good looking!) pattern!

There aren't many people involved in the scarf exchange so I'm not going to post a picture anytime soon. Main reason: I'm pretty sure because of the weight and color preferences that this particular recipient would be able to guess from the picture that she was my "match partner".

Last night, I found myself deep in the "black hole". Seriously, I knit, knit knit knit... and it didn't seem to grow. I finally placed a safety pin on one of the rows, and after that is when it finally, finally! appeared to be increasing in size.

The Harlot was right. There is a knitting black hole. That will teach me to doubt her ever again. LoL

FaerieLady posted at 7:26 AM

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I get into tose black holes all the time...

By Blogger Impossible Princess, at 9:28 AM  

The safety pin is a good idea. At least you know you are moving and not just knitting the same row over and over again. I am going to go insert a safety pin as we speak.

By Blogger Danielle, at 12:01 AM  

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