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Monday, July 18, 2005


Since last week I've knit maybe six rows on the Shell Socks, spun maybe a quarter oz of merino top, and have otherwise not felt the motivation to do anything.

I'm excited about the Scarf Exchange, so I need to get on top of that pronto. Other than that, I'm not really feeling the "urge" to do anything. I'm in a rut.

Projects stalled right now:

Pi Shawl out of Knitpicks Merino Style in Coal.
Shell Socks

Projects frogged:

Cabled Newsboy Cap
Mystery Stole

What's on the wheel:

Spinning up the last 2 oz of merino top in Muppet Guts.

Like I said... I'm in a rut. I need to find something new, interesting, exciting! That I actually want to finish, anyway... LoL


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