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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Spinning Content...

YAY! The merino Muppet Guts is officially *off the wheel*. The singles, which are sadly not yet photographed, are currently having their twist set in the mudroom. I'm very proud... the last skein was pretty much balanced. The other two skeins are still kinda twisty, but apparently I'm getting better...

Must be that whole "practice" thing. Who woulda guessed? ::snort::

I also finished the other two oz of brown/black Wensleydale, and am aiming to finish the other 4 oz of pink kitchen sink batts. I guess that means I'd better get a move on, otherwise I'm not gonna get it done tonight. It's not a big accomplishment... the kitchen sink batts are being spun as worsted singles.

When the singles are done setting (muppet guts) I'm going to start the Cobweb Shawl. The black/brown wensleydale will become fingerless mitts and a matching hat. The kitchen sink batts will become something girlie. Not quite sure yet, since I want to felt it.


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