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Monday, August 08, 2005

Hrmmm on Knitpicks

Recently I've read about another blogger's problem with knitpicks. Now, I know everyone has their own experiences, but I've never had a problem with Knitpicks (and neither has anyone that I know personally). However, their order confirmation email is automated, so I wonder how much of that problem is because of spam blockers, or lags because of spam blockers at the server end? Food for thought people...

Anyway, the Benevolent Dictator of Spindlers and I are on a yarn and fiber diet. I agreed to go on it with her, after one purchase that we split and her show at Stitches Midwest (she's going to be vending her Everything Balm at the booth with Linda of Grafton Fibers. I mean, she should be given a lot of leeway for that kind of fiber show!

Anyway, 4 skeins of Sweet Pea gossamer yarn and the new Twin Peaks pattern is heading my way, with 4 skeins of Sunrise (for her) piggybacking along. I'm so excited!

Ya know, one of these days, I'll actually post pictures again. I have to find something picture worthy first...


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