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Monday, August 22, 2005

That whole multi-tasking thing...

Ok, anyone who knows me in person knows that I have a singularly weird issue. Well, not so much "singularly weird" as I make it sound, there are many people who have the same issue, but it's very prevalent in my life.

I can't multi-task except for stupid things like walking & chewing bubble gum, or walking and talking.

Seriously! It's actually quite the object of much amusement over here, especially with close friends and family. Moi? Multi-task? You might as well ask me to rollerblade backwards down a steep hill, and believe me you'll get a wonderful laugh out of it!

WingNut thinks it's funny. Example: when I read a book, I *read* a book. If he wants to get my attention, he has to call my name (my real name, not Kae) several times before I hear him. He's taken to putting his hand in front of my face to break my eye contact with the pages. Watching t.v.? I will literally stop in the middle of my sentence if the t.v. catches my eye. I can't focus on what I'm thinking, and the rest of the conversation will literally fly out of my head on wings at supersonic speed!

This issue seriously impacts my knitting when it comes to watching movies and knitting. I can't knit and watch a movie. I can however knit and *listen* to discovery, nature, or history documentaries (which are my fave, by the way) so that's what I've been doing. I am now 18 rows away from both toes on the LL socks. I should have those finished by this weekend, if all goes according to plan. ::crosses fingers:: Oh, I am currently considering a membership to, but I'm not so sure I want to give up my monthly yarn budget for it... LoL

Oh, on that whole multi-tasking thing... just because I can't multi-task doesn't mean things don't get done. I can, and have, cleaned, cooked, and taken care of the kiddo without being able to multi-task. This merely means that one thing gets finished before I move on to the next. Chores aren't stopped in the middle, I don't move on to other things until the first is done. This makes it quite efficient for me, anyway. LoL

Back to knitting socks...

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