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Sunday, October 09, 2005

On day three...

Two days and several hours ago, I emailed the scarf exchange coordinators about the fact I still haven't received my scarf from the scarf exchange. Now, I'm generally a pretty patient person, but this makes the fourth? I'm pretty sure, the fourth time that I've emailed the coordinators, and the third time that I haven't gotten a response. The last time, I finally got a response (after more than a week) that was a couple lines long, telling me that the person I sent to had indeed received the scarf I sent. However, my own "pal" hasn't stepped up to the plate, and hasn't emailed, etc. So, following *their* directions, I waited until the morning of the 7th, and emailed them. I *still* say that it is not too much to ask for to get a one line email saying that they will check on it.

Basically, I'm expecting the worst, which is to be dropped like a hot potato. If I manage to get a scarf out of this deal, I'll be appreciative, but I no longer expect or even hope that the person who's supposed to send to me will ever step up to the plate.

I must have bad swap luck. Out of three knitting/fiber swaps, I've had two deadbeats (modify this... if the person does send the scarf, I am still going to consider them a deadbeat, because they couldn't be bothered to say hi, or that they were going to be late) who were supposed to send to me, and two deadbeats that I've sent to. So, all in all, I've only had one swap where I received and sent from good people. Sonofabitch. *sigh* Of course, bad swap luck is why I don't quilt anymore. After losing over $100 in hand dyes during a round robin (my fabrics I included totalled well over $100, which is one reason why I think someone kept the blasted thing) and the row robin swap where I lost almost the exact same amount, I can no longer bring myself to quilt. Too many bad memories.

I refuse to do that with knitting... so I think I'm going to really have to think before I engage in any other secret pal or partnered swaps. I don't think I can handle getting shafted again.

FaerieLady posted at 10:03 AM

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Hi Kae

I'm so sorry you had to wait so long for your scarf. We only received the emails to which we replied as soon as we could. So if you didn't get a reply, we didn't get the email, unfortunately. I am glad you have your scarf now, and hope you are enjoying it. As co-ordinators we endeavour to check that everyone is holdin up their end of the bargain and sometimes this takes time as we chase down the slow-knitters.
Thank you for your patience.

By Blogger celia, at 2:23 PM  

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