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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Picture Heavy Update

See.... I do knit!

First, DT's completed hat and scarf. All that I have left to do is block the scarf and knit the fingerless mittens. The hat only looks small because of the angle. Believe me, it's not.

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After that... two sweater kits. An aran sweater for a friend of DT's who has a son that's about 6 months old... I'm going to knit the 18-24 month size. D's sweater kit, I haven't taken a photo of. Different pattern, and in purple yarn.

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Three new fibers to spin... I've had them a couple weeks, but haven't blogged them. These were the last of my self-indulgent fiber purchases.

First, the Cordovan Silk and Wool blend
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The Thespian Silk and Wool blend
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and lastly, but not leastly, the Faerie Wings corriedale and merino blend, with angelina :-)
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These should keep me busy for a while, shouldn't they?

Just for good measure... a new photo of D :

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and Merlin in the window:

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