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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Things to be thankful for...

I'm thankful for my daughter, as I can see what a wonderful little person she is, even though sometimes I want to flush her down a toilet.

I'm thankful for my family and my close friends. Family and friends are the glue that hold me together, and you guys have been there for me and supported me though the last two miserable years, and some of you quite a bit longer than that. You stood by me when I didn't even know my own mind, and gave me shoulders to cry on when I needed them. Some of you I've known my whole life, some for quite a few years, and one of you for just a couple months. I consider myself extremely lucky to have you.

I'm thankful for my space. *My* space, something I haven't had in so long that I've forgotten the sheer joy of it. I don't mean that I don't like sharing space, but actually having the choice to put my things out in the open where I can look at them and play with them and enjoy them.

I'm thankful for all the opportunities I've had in the past few years to start, lead, and participate in many groups of fabulous people, with Pagan, non-Pagan, and crafty groups all included.

I'm just thankful. I hope everyone else is having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

FaerieLady posted at 12:29 AM

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Happy Thanksgiving, Kae!

By Blogger Norma, at 7:28 AM  

happy thanksgiving!
am thankful for ya chickie.

By Blogger Stinkerbell, at 8:30 AM  

I agree, I have a lot to be thankful for too, even when I get whiny. :-) Friends are also chief among my blessings. It is easy to forget that sometimes the path is just what got you to where you are now. Oh, man did that sound cheezy...but you get my drift. LOL

By Blogger Rissa, at 9:57 AM  

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