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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Well, I actually have a few minutes

I about slapped myself, I do have a few minutes, otherwise I wouldn't have had time to take AND post that quiz... so I decided to go ahead and write an update. It might be short, it might be long... have no idea right now. I guess we'll see, won't we?

Almost everything has fallen into place at the apartment itself. The power is on, the phone is connected, and the internet is scheduled to be connected on the 21st (Monday) between 5-7pm. Right now, I'm at my parents' house to post this. I have furniture, tho some of it is still in the "some assembly required" stage. I have groceries... I managed to scrape together enough for the basics, the stuff of the poor student (ramen noodles) and real food for D. Merlin is now at the apartment, along with kitty litter and cat food and many places for him to play and hide and generally having a good time.

I'm fixin' to head back over to the apartment with a power drill and have some fun "assembling" furniture. I'm good at that, for the most part. I also enjoy it. Maybe I'm a bit twisted?

Oh yeah, I gotta remember to do my homework. Oops. LOL

Laters... (see, a short one after all)

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