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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Zippity Do Dah...

I think the Naked Sticks knitalong is a good idea, but I have no clue how I'm going to do that or even if I will... time is fast becoming a precious commodity, and I don't want to apply any more pressure than necessary. I still have a book to finish and write an essay over for American History Pre-Civil War and the final paper for English. I also figured out that somehow, somewhen, I got behind in algebra and need to pay a visit to the math lab.

Did I mention that this weekend is D-weekend, when the vast majority of my crap will be set up in my new-to-me apartment? Or the fact that I get to spend tomorrow at DHS (human services, not homeland security, thanks)? How about the fact that I'm essentially brain-fried? Or that my divorce should be final on Monday?

So I just sit here and sing to myself. Not in a bad way, mind you... but I'm still singing to myself. Currently, and for the last three weeks, it's been Zippity Do Dah. I know all the actual words, so I'm counting myself as a weirdo. LOL

Still working on the lace socks. I need a hat. A friend of mine deserves a small pressie before he gets shipped out to Iraq. At least DT's stuff went in the mail last week. D needs a hat and scarf too. Ignore the idle ramblings of the deranged mind...

So, who wants to trade me a few hours of uninterrupted spinning and knitting time?

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