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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Thanks Marina and weekend knitting

These lovely treasures showed up in my mailbox yesterday but I didn't actually GO to my mailbox until today... bad FaerieLady! Anyway, the lovely Marina at WoolyEwe sent me a birthday card, stitch markers (ooo I love the dainty beaded ones!) and lovely knitting cards to send out! Thanks so much Marina...

Guess this means I'm not cancelling my birthday after all, hmm?

Idle comment... I haven't received a birthday card (a paper one, not an e-card) since my dad got me one that said "where has the last year gone", and the sound of a toilet flush came through loud and clear when the card was opened... now, we all know where I got my oh-so-sick sense of humor, now don't we? Anyway, with the arrival of the card from Marina, I've realized that it's pretty damned cool to get birthday cards in the mail. I need to start sending them out to people... because if I like them, then obviously other people like them too. Somewhere. Maybe. LOL

Ok, onto the weekend's knitting projects...

The FaerieLady was a knittin' fiend this weekend, starting out Saturday with a knitted scarf for moi, which I cast on and finished (crocheted edging and all) by Saturday evening. Note to all... this is highly unusual. FL is a notoriously slow knitter, mainly because I'm a stop and go knitter. However, Saturday I hit a zone, and this is what occurred... *edit* see other flickr entries. Photobucket won't resize the pictures correctly when I ask, and I can't seem to get them posted without it screwing up my blog. */edit*

Then, while I was on a roll, I knit the first mittenette to somewhat match the scarf...

then... I finished the second mittenette this morning after I woke up. No picture of that yet... but let me explain something. That scarf was knit using the Grafton Fibers Rainbow Batt that I spun up a long time ago, pick of it skeined up located here. Because I spun that batt fingering weight, I paired it with one strand Knitpicks Merino Style in Coal. This means that it knitted up randomly across the rounds of colors (sometimes showing, sometimes not) and it also stripes in big sections. I think it looks cool. One mittenette matches one section, the second mittenette matches *another* section (of the scarf). So. They don't appear to match *without* the scarf around, but if I'm wearing the scarf you'd understand.

Seriously, I'm crazy enough to get away with it. LOL


FaerieLady posted at 6:57 PM

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Happy birthday!!! You are such a productive knitter. I have determined that once and for all I am learning how to knit this coming year. A friend of mine knits a lot (like every day) and she has said she will teach me. I love "Knitty". I always see something on that site that I want to make. :-)

By Blogger Kate West, at 9:29 PM  

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