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Monday, January 02, 2006

I feel bad...

First, a good friend of mine is leaving tomorrow. I will miss said friend, and hope that everything goes ok. That sounds kinda weak but I can't really get into it. It just makes me very sad, and I will miss the actual "leaving" part because I'll be out earning the money that pays my bills. So.

The other thing? Tonight was spinning night, and they had a "soup supper". The Benevolent Dictator made two soups (absolutely awesome, btw) and people brought snacks, veggies, and desserts. Then we had a fiber swap. I brought two gallon size baggies stuffed with 8 oz each of dyed Falkland 56s that I wanted to trade out, and picked up two bags of white Ramie in trade. Why did I pick up both bags of it? No, the FaerieLady isn't actually *that* greedy. Really.

Ramie dyes like cotton, so I'm going to dye several sets of colorwheels with it (at least a pastel and jewel set, maybe an autumnal, haven't decided, maybe a brights set) and give them away to ladies at the spinning group. One will go to the lady who's house is kindly donated to our use on spinning nights, and she also owns Mountain View Woolery (she doesn't have a website). The other set, I figure we can do some kind of drawing of numbers to figure out who will go home with it. Since it was free to me, I won't charge someone else to walk off with it, you know? I'm just not that way.

I feel bad because I invited a new to me fiber person, who happens to be very good friends with the Marine friend of mine that I've mentioned earlier on this blog. C blogs, over at Orchid's Knits. I invited her, she came, and *I had to leave early*.

What kind of friend am I?

Seriously. I feel horrid about it. I know she at least had some kind of a good time, and she has a beautiful wheel, aKromski Symphony, and she participated in the fiber trade. However, what kind of person invites someone else to an event, and then splits, leaving the person they invited behind?

I feel like an ass. *sigh*

Laters... I gotta get to bed. Work calls in the morning.

FaerieLady posted at 7:13 PM

3 Speak to the Faerie Queen


I can assure you Kae, that I had a splendid time, and that there is not a single reason for you to feel poorly for leaving. It gave Aubrey a chance to come sit next to me for a bit, and I'm sure that I made an additional friend or two. Thank you very much for inviting me, I had a wonderful evening, and plan on coming again.

By Blogger kaoticorchid, at 1:02 AM  

Ditto. You got to come for a bit, and that made me happy. You brought me Cassa, and that made me happy. Cassa seemed to have a wonderful time, and that made me happy. The soup all went to good homes (and I owe you some) and that made me happy. See? You done good....

By Anonymous Aubrey, at 12:00 PM  

Hey Kae,
I found this sight when I was looking up your dyed rovings.
I came home with one of your roving bags (it looked like troll doll hair). My daughters (10 year old twins) loved it. I previously took a moebius class with Cassa at the SWAK Corral. It appeared to me that she was totally in her element at the soup soiree. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

By Anonymous Sue, at 1:58 PM  

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