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Monday, January 09, 2006

Stuff on the way...

I broke down in a major way and ordered 10 skeins of dye your own sock yarn from Knitpicks... I mean, how could I resist them? I need several different colors, kettle dyed, sock yarns that are tone on tone variegations for sock patterns. I'm not going to use the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn for those socks I mentioned earlier in the Sock Goals for 2006... mainly because I wouldn't be able to see the patterning as much as I want to. However, I dislike 90% on the solid and semi-solid sock yarns, because either the color is *too* solid, or not solid enough. Being the FaerieLady, I have confidence in my power (because I've done it many times before) to produce what I want for my projects.

The other thing I bought?

Witch's Rainbow silk top from The Silkworker. Again... how could I resist? That was basically *made* for me and I *know* it! I watched that top for weeks on her site, and finally snagged it. Go me!

FaerieLady posted at 7:08 PM

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Much rockage to you then! There is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing more yarn/fiber. Ironically, I made a purchase from Knitpicks as well today as well-3 skeins of the Wool of the Andes for a Sophie purse.

By Blogger kaoticorchid, at 8:31 PM  

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