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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This picture actually proves that I am not showing you the same sock twice... both socks are done :-) Finished the second sock last night and was too freakin' lazy to upload a picture. Of course, I'm not sure why my legs appear so white in the photo. I'm half Puerto Rican. I don't think there's an area on my body quite that white. Wow. So, ignore the ultra-bright white legs.

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These socks, with the mods I wrote about in the entry about them, were actually quite fun and fast to knit. With the exclusion of the stockinette stitch rows (6 of them) they don't have that funky st st look between the cuff and foot. I could have made the socks a wee bit longer, about a 6 inch cuff instead of a 5 inch, if I wanted to, and have yarn left over. However, I'd rather listen to my gut and make it a bit shorter than run out of yarn!

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Great socks! I'm so scared to try socks :( I think I would screw them right up.

By Blogger Celtic Knitter, at 10:21 PM  

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