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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pictureless Fiber Update

However, there will be pictures later, I promise!

First... I finished spinning and plied the merino/silk that I had posted a picture about previously. I have one skein drying, one skein needing to be dunked and set out to dry. I really like it. It's between dk and worsted weight plied, a good weight for so many things... I'm thinking about making a mini Clapotis out of it. I'll post a pic of the yarn when it's all dry.

I also spun and plied about half the yarn for a pair of mittenettes for J's mom. She asked for a pair, and I've been completely unmotivated to spin it. The fiber itself is a pain in the ass to spin; it drafts horribly. It's a wool/silk blend, but I have no idea what the wool is. It's definitely *not* merino!

Exciting news... I have a drum carder on the way, and I purchased a website! The website will be up and running when I get 'round to it... I have to figure out the software and I can guarantee that certain people will be asked a lot of stupid questions about it... LOL. Said website will have a subdomain for my blog.

Sock progress... the lace sock is still where it was when I photographed it. The hollyberry sock is past the heel and on the instep. The boot sock is to the heel turning part. I got my match for SockapalOOOza, and she was extremely vague, listing only "surprise me". This is a cause for huge amounts of stress on my part, because I'm terrified that she won't like what I choose. GAH.

Ok, enough. I have an apartment to clean. Laters!

FaerieLady posted at 7:14 AM

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Oooh - what brand of drumcarder? Inquiring minds want to know...*g*

Congrats on the website! HTML isn't *that* hard - if I can sorta figure it out, I know you can!

By Anonymous verna, at 12:23 PM  

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