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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ramblings and other blather

The Home Front: (i.e. FaerieLady's apartment)
Current situation... mess. Complete and utter disaster area. Fiber orders (base and luxury) have come in and need to be organized. Dyes have been re-situated. Separation of fibers into useable lots for the carder will commence with the arrival of the new (severely discounted, go me!) scale that should be here any day. Other than the fact that I'm missing someone very close to me very much and am trying to find the good thoughts in life anyway, and it's not exactly peachy around here. However, hopefully the carder (which has arrived!) shall help remedy that at least a teensy bit.

The Knitting Front:
I have become slightly inspired by the Rogue pullover that Cassa brought over. She was having problems with grafting the hood, and well I'm a very good grafter. I don't understand why people make it seem like it's harder than it really is... grafting isn't some kind of mysterious thing, and I *hate* the fact that most people are led to believe (and think themselves) that it is confusing or something that should be avoided at any cost. But anyways, she brought over her Rogue (minus the sleeves) because she's taking part in the KO or FO can't remember which, and wants to finish Rogue as her project. Her Rogue is out of Bartlett yarn, which I do have to admit is not one that I would use (however, it was what she had and I do understand THAT one). So, I'll be either starting Rogue, Eris, or another sweater pattern (to be decided later, maybe tomorrow) because while I love the portability of my sock projects, I need something bigger to sink my teeth into.

The pattern so far in the forefront other than Rogue is BPT and Mariah.

Ok, gotta get the kiddo up and head to work... Laters!

FaerieLady posted at 4:01 AM

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I used to be one of those that thought grafting was impossible so I never did it. Just for the hell of it, I tried it last fall, as I REFUSE to draw and yank tight to close the toe on socks. it's reallly not bad at all. I think every knitter should learn how to graft. If you do it in a CC yarn to see it, it's really very logical.

By Blogger Jerry, at 5:43 AM  

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